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How do you prevent viruses?


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Install the AntiVirus software and scan your computer. The AntiVirus prevents any kind of malicious software and viruses.


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Viruses that prevent bacterial infections are called as "bacteriophages".

which of the following is a program to prevent computer viruses from infecting a computer

no but we can prevent them They are called vaccination.

No. It is used to try and prevent viruses and get rid of any existing ones.

They only identify for the white blood cells the bacteria and/or viruses

There is no scientific evidence.

to prevent from dirt and viruses.......

The dead or weakend viruses can be used to make vaccines.They also help to prevent breast cancer

Vaccines don't kill viruses or diseases; they prevent disease before you are infected.

They prevent the files from viruses especially in files or documents the anti-viruses combat computer crime by attacking the viruses which they want to steal the files or money from banks

So that what they know how to prevent it from being spread around..... they can try and prevent it.

Yes, they both do. The difference is that you can cure diseases from bacteria but not from viruses. You can prevent both kinds with vaccines.

Vaccines don't actually treat either one. Vaccines are used to PREVENT disease. Most vaccines protect against viruses, but there are some for bacteria, as well.

Install the AntiVirus software and scan your computer. The AntiVirus prevents any kind of malicious software and viruses. See the link below.

If you don't want viruses, download a good antivirus software such as Norton 360. Not all antviruses will remove all viruses, so occasionaly, a virus will pop up on your computer.

One of the best ways that you can prevent becoming infected with a virus, is to install Antivirus software. It is equally important to keep the software updated, as sometimes new viruses cannot be detected with old software or old antivirus definitions.

A registry fix is going into the operating system's registry and deleting or adding commands to the start up programs. This should only be done by a knowledgeable person, and may help prevent viruses by disabling certain programs.

you get spy ware or any type of program that will block it

An antivirus software will prevent, detect, and remove viruses from your computer.

Scanning all email attachments with anti-virus software will help prevent downloading viruses and other malicious code

Antibiotics don't kill viruses because viruses are supreme and can beat anything once they have formed, that is why you should have vaccinations to prevent them ever being born, as if they are not born they cannot harm any one

well some apps have viruses but some dont. in order to prevent them dont download to meny games. If you have to meny games, delete a few.

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