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How do you prevent your question from being changed?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-06 21:53:13

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You could prevent your question from being changed by wording the question specifically and directly. Check back to see if the question still reflects your idea and change it again based on the changes made.

2006-08-06 21:53:13
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How do you close an answer to prevent it from being changed on answerscom?

You cannot close an answer on from being changed by the other contributors and supervisors.

Why is this website not answering your questions corectly?

Perhaps you are being ambiguous in your question. That would prevent the question being answered to your satisfaction

Did devo sue Roblox?

No, they did not. ROBLOX stopped selling the hat and changed the name to prevent being sued.

Have change from when you were hire that may prevent you from doing you job?

WikiAnswers cannot read minds and tell what might have changed from when you were hired - you will have to answer this question honestly and tell them if there is anything that might prevent you from doing your job.

How can you change the value of a constant variable in C?

The answer is you cannot. The idea of constant is to prevent the value of the variable being changed at run time.

How do you prevent the Blubbs?

Preventing the Blubbs is as easy as not being born. That's right. If you were never born, you'd never catch the Blubbs. See the question, why do you want to prevent the Blubbs?

What is mean by Final?

final is a Java keyword. It is used to:> Mark a variable as final which prevents its value from being changed> Mark a class as final to prevent it from being extended> Mark a method as final to avoid it from beingoverridden

How terracing help prevent erosion?

I need to know how to prevent land erosion and you changed my question and I am very mad and i am going to use another website like Google.I think that they will have an answer to this question.If I were you I wouldn't ask any more questions on here because they change your questions into completely different questions.I asked a question about how to prevent land erosion and it changed my question into:How to cook when your by yourself and you are hungry.Does that relate in any way to my question(except for using the word "how")?I would not use this system to answer your questions if I were you.Hope you had a better time on this website than i did.Be careful.(That is not a threat.An if you watch American Idol, you know what I mean.)

How could you prevent childbirth?

Sadly Abortion is the only way to prevent childbirth once a pregnancy is established, If your question is how to prevent preganancy that is a whole different question and answer.

How do you prevent the disappearance in Bermuda triangle?

The answer that the first person gave to this question was foolish. There no way to prevent being sucked in the Bermuda triangle because the pressure is so high that even planes sink.

Can a pet ferret prevent you from being pregnant?

A pet ferret cannot prevent you from being pregnant.

How does the Representative prevent a law from being passed?

He can prevent a law from being passed by not making a bill for it.

Why is it important to prevent food from being spoiled?

To prevent foodpoisoning.

Why is it important to prevent acid rain?

to prevent plants from being affected

Where sorted energyis being changed?

To know what sort of energy is being changed, we need to know what is doing the changing. If your asking what stored energy is being changed into mechanical energy, that answer is potential energy.

How do you prevent binary numbers 10 and 11 from being confused as decimal numbers?

Write a subscript 2 after the numbers or, as in the question, simply say so.

What is the meaning of the lock beside a question on WikiAnswers?

The yellow lock is an indication that a question has been "protected" by a Supervisor. Only Supervisors can then edit the question.Protecting a question is a way to prevent a question from being repeatedly spammed or vandalized. If you want a question to be unprotected, send a message to any Supervisor.(For more information, see the Related question.)

How have womens roles changed since 1900?

They have changed by being weird they have changed by woman being able to work and vote they were now not treated like property

Is it true you can lock cells and prevent editing of those cells?

Yes you can do that in order to protect values in a spreadsheet from being changed accidentally, or to allow only some users to change the data.

What does Parris try to prevent in Act IV?

Prevent proctor from being hanged

How can you prevent being homeless?


How do you prevent being ignorant?


What to do to prevent from being afraid?

afraid of what?

Can humans prevent the pandas from being endangered?

Yes humans can prevent the pandasfom being endangered is by stopping to cut down bamboo.

In the crucible how has Elizabeth changed since we first met her?

Elizabeth has changed from being disgusted of her husband to forgiving him and being a liar.