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You can use your muscles to control the flow. Make sure you don't wait to long to go to the bathroom and you will find it is easier to control.

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How do you prevent your urine from splashing to your pant when taking pee?

There are a few ways to prevent getting urine on your pants. You could for example take your pants completely off.

Why if the bladder had 16.9 oz of urine can you not pee?

Urine is pee.

What does retromingent animal do backwards?


What is lizard pee?

Lizard pee is the urine of a lizard.

What does brown feline urine mean?


How would you use the word flowing in a sentence?

the pee is flowing down her leg

What is slang for pee?

Pee is already a slang word, for urine.

What is scientific name for pee?

The scientific term for pee is urine.

Names for pee?


Is urine pi?

No. It is pee.

What you mean by pee?


What is a synonym for pee?


Is rat pee urine harmful to your health?

is rat rat pee urine harmful to ur health and how harmfuk is it

Why do you have the anxiety to pee but pee never comes out?

You might have a urine infection. Go to the doctor and give a urine sample.

How does a cat pee backwards?

turned back

What is another word for 'urine'?

Pee, liquid waste

What color is poodles pee?

The poodle dogs urine (pee) is yellow.

Will your urine work for a pee test if the pee is a couple days old?


Did Oprah pee in the color purple?

No. Pee or Urine is yellow or orange.

Do cows pee milk?

NO. They pee urine, not milk. Milk comes from their udders, urine or pee comes from their "private parts" otherwise known as the vulva where the urethra is located.

Does sperm die after a woman urinates?

Absolutely not. It's not even in the same hole. It is a good idea to pee after to prevent urine infection but that's it.

Do cows pee milk or urine?

Cows pee urine. Milk comes only from the the urine comes out from the back where their stools also come out, so no, it isn't -_-

What does pig spell backwards?

The riddle answer is "G-I-P." To which the retort is "Aha, you pee!" or "So what if you pee?"

What is another word for pee?


What is name of urea?

Pee or Urine

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