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How do you program a key-less entry?


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2015-07-15 21:43:11
to 2003 subaru outback onlyWell i have been researching this as I have a Subaru Liberty 2004(AUST)(legacy elsewhere)as I want to change the setting so that it opens the drivers door only and requires a second push to open all. Saves wear and tear)Subaru can do it for me but I am sure it is simple. i have this articale below which was written on another site for an older model Subaru. Plus i can also get the amount of time the light stays on when pressing unlock as well. I am certain it is a combination of key presses. But which ones?

. Locking. Larger, orange button. Push the lock button. This locks all the doors and will set the alarm (if equipped and in 'setable' mode)

2. Unlocking. Smaller, blue button Driver's door only: Push the unlock button once to unlock the driver's door and also disarm alarm if set. All doors: Push the small button *firmly* a second time within a few seconds to unlock all the doors.

3. Chirp horn? The chirp is once for lock, two times for unlock, multiple times if a door is ajar when you try to lock them. This is optional. To turn the audible on or off unlock all the doors and hold *both* buttons down until the horn honks. The horn will always chirp repeatedly if a door is not fully closed when you lock with the remote.

5. Alarm. Valet mode or alarm off: alarm light (red dot center dashboard dispay) rapidly flashing 3 times/pause means the alarm is in "Valet" mode and is not setable. This light will stop flashing when you start the car.

Arming the alarm: to re-enable an alarm in valet mode, Unlock all the doors and hold the small button down on the remote until the light stops flashing. Now when you lock the doors the alarm will be set and the light will slowly flash on and off, on and off.

6. Alarm goes off? Push the small button on the remote or if you don't have the remote put the key in the ignition and turn it on and off three times.

7. Program remotes: works on all with Alpine system. unlock all doors. Cycle key quickly but carefully on-off app 10 times until the car honks one time. Do not turn the key far enough to start the car. Just to the 'on' position so the dash light up. When the car honks, open and close the driver's door, press a remote button and that's it. Program another remote? Open and close the door again and push the 2nd remote button. When you're done, remove the key and the horn should honk 3 times. You're all set. Sometime it takes me more than 10 on-offs to make the horn honk, sometimes you need to start-turn off the car, lock-unlock the doors a few times, wait a while etc. But is does work.

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