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Your filter does not need a time clock ~ it does not run on electricity. HIRE A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN to run the necessary conduit, wires etc for the time clock, motor and heater hook-ups. All equipment has to be bonded and grounded. Most municipal codes require too that you bring most or all pool related items up to current code. That includes retrofitting your main drain with the new requirements if yours is an older system. This is not only for your safety but for others that may be using your pool. After all you would not want a major injury or a death to occur on your property or having a law suit pending. k

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There is no timer on a Hayward pool pump. The timer, if so installed by the builder, would most likely be on the wall located near the pool equipment. It will be inside a rectangular metal box with a door ( 5" X 8" approx.) Inside this box would be a mechanical time clock either with a yellow face or a white one depending upon the brand. This timer would have trippers located (2) at some point around the face of the clock (which may resemble an analog clock). If you have no such device you will have to have a qualified electrician install one at the pool equipment pad area. Again if you have no clock then you will have to turn on the pump manually EVERY day without fail especially during the summer months. k

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You can install a inground swimming pool by getting a timer kit at your local home improvement store.

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Q: How do you program the timer on a Hayward pool pump?
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How to stop a Hayward pool pump from leaking water from bottom?

The mechanical seal probably needs to be replaced, or it may be the seal plate gasket. if it is the seal it will eventually ruin the pump motor if not replaced. Go to you tube for a how to - Hayward Pool Pump Impeller-Seal Replace 2

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How do I install a pool pump that is using a CPVC union as used with Hayward North star in-ground pool pump?

You may be better of contacting Hayward about this as there is not enough information in this question to give an answer. Ues CPVC cement on the CPVC fittings and regular PVC cement ( either blue, or clear) on all the other PVC

Why does your swimming pool pump work when you plug it the garage but when you hook to swimming pool does not work?

You should never run a swimming-pool pump dry! The most likely problem, from the rather flimsy evidence in your question hinting at it not rotating, is not with the pump or its motor but a fault in the electrical supply to the pool plant, or in the timer or other pump controller.

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Not aware that Hayward made motors. You need the pump seal, gaskets or orings and the tools to remove and reinstall the motor and the seal. The electrical connections and power need to be removed and or turned off at the circuit breaker.