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Q: How do you pronounce Carpe aeternatem?
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What is the latin translation for seize the moment?

"God day" is hard to translate directly into Latin because Latin doesn't use nouns attributively this way. You'd have to translate something like "Seize the divine day" or "Seize the day of God". These would be Carpe diem divinam or Carpe diem Dei, respectively.

How would you say Capture Light or Capturing Light in Latin?

Carpe noctem. Carpe is literally "pluck", as in what one does to a ripe fruit. In this case the verb is used to imply that the night is waiting to be enjoyed like a ripe fruit.

What does carpe facto mean?

"Carpe"=Seize "Facto"=Facts "Carpe Facto"="seize the facts"

What Latin terms start with carpe?

The most notable term that starts with Carpe is 'Carpe Diem' (Terence) which means Seize the Day. By extension there is also 'Carpe Noctem' which is 'Seize the Night.' Probably the most profound "carpe" statement is Carpe Cerevisi, which means "seize the beer!" Actually, it's 'Carpe cerevisiam' Hence carpe obviously means "sieze".

How do you say seize the day with me in latin?

Carpe punctum. or Carpe momentum temporis.

When was Carpe Tenebrum created?

Carpe Tenebrum was created in 1997.

When was Carpe Dementia created?

Carpe Dementia was created in 1999.

What does carpe navem mean?

Carpe navem = take the boat

When was Carpe Jugulum created?

Carpe Jugulum was created in 1998.

What does carpe denim mean?

Carpe denim means "seize the denim," but you probably mean carpe diem, which is "seize the day".

What is the meaning of carpe deim?

'Carpe diem' means 'seize the day.'

What is an example sentence using carpe diem?

Example sentence - We were instructed to determine which of these would be appropriate on the invitation - carpe diem or carpe nocturn.