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How do you pronounce Rivoire?

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The 'r' in French is pronounced from the back or the bottom of your throat. It's a bit like growling and gargling at the same time. 'R' EEV WA 'R' after the final 'R' there's a slight 'er' sound sometimes depending on the accent the speaker has in French - a bit like the 'er' at the end of butter.

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What is the population of Haute-Rivoire?

The population of Haute-Rivoire is 1,301.

What is the area of Haute-Rivoire?

The area of Haute-Rivoire is 20.29 square kilometers.

When did André Rivoire die?

André Rivoire died in 1930.

When was André Rivoire born?

André Rivoire was born in 1872.

What year did Apollos Rivoire die in?

Apollos rivoire died in the summer of 1754

How old was apollos rivoire when he died?

Apóllōn is a Deathless God. He can not die. What is a "rivoire"?

How did Apollos Rivoire die?

Apollos Rivoire died of gloominess because he rooted for Utah in 1735

Who was Pauls dad?

Apollos Rivoire

Who was Apollos rivoire?

He was the father of Paul Revere. Apollos Rivoire changed his name to Paul Revere and named his son after him. this answer is wrong dont go to this site

What is Paul Revere's dad's name?

Apollos Rivoire, but in 1720, the year when he opened his own silversmithing shop, he changed his name to Paul Revere (since most Bostonians spoke English, he thought this name would be easier to pronounce)

What is the name of Paul Revere's father?

Paul Revere's father's name is Apollos Rivoire.

What were Paul Revere's parents names?

Paul Revere's parents were Apollos Rivoire and Deborah Hitchborn.

What is Paul Revere's parents names?

Paul Revere's parents were Apollos Rivoire and Deborah Hitchborn.

Who were Paul Revere's parents?

Apollos Rivoire and Deborah Hitchborn. Paul Revere's father was Apollos Rivoire, a French Huguenot immgrant. His mother was Deborah Hichborn an American born woman of English ancestry. The name Riovore was changed to Revere to sound more "English"

Why did Paul Revere do silversmith?

Paul Rever did sliversmith because his father, Apollos de Rivoire taught to him

Why did Apollo rivoire change his last name to Apollo revere?

Apollos Rivoire, father of Paul Revere, anglicized his name to Paul Revere in the 1720's and gave that name to his son. Being a French man living in Boston, America, he perhaps felt the name needed to be changed so as to better fit in, America did have hostilities with French and English during that time.

How do you count to 10 in dutch?

een (Pronounce: eyn) twee (Pronounce: twey) drie (Pronounce: dree) vier (Pronounce: veer) vijf (Pronounce: vive) zes (Pronounce: zes) zeven (Pronounce: zeyven acht (Pronounce: acht) negen (Pronounce:neygen) tien (Pronounce: teen)

Who gave birth to Paul Revere?

Paul Revere was born in 1735 to Apollos Rivoire, and Deborah (Hitchbourn) Revere. By 1729, Apollos had anglicized his name to Paul Revere.

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