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So - KO - rro (roll the r's) The accent is in the middle syllable.

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Q: How do you pronounce Socorro in Spanish?
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Socorro mean in spanish?

"Socorro," like "ayuda," means "help."

What does spanish word socoro mean in English?

The Spanish word "socorro" translates to "help" or "aid" in English.

What does socorro mean in spanish?

"Socorro" in Spanish means "help" or "aid". It is commonly used to request assistance or support in case of an emergency.

Are Socorro and saguaro cactus the same thing?

No, a saguaro is a tall cactus of the Sonoran Desert. Socorro is the name of two towns - one in Texas and the other in New Mexico. The word socorro is Spanish for help.

How did Socorro get its name?

Socorro was named after the nearby Nuestra Señora de Perpetuo Socorro (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) Mission, which was established in the area in the 17th century by Spanish settlers. The mission became a focal point for the community, and the town that grew around it came to be known as Socorro.

What New Mexico city name means help in Spanish?

Socorro, New Mexico.

What is the spanish word for little help it's one word that starts with a so?


How do you pronounce Tristan in Spanish?

To pronounce Tristan as it is in Spanish, try TREE-stahn. (Note: r is rolled in Spanish.)

Where is the Socorro Public Library in Socorro located?

The address of the Socorro Public Library is: 401 Park Street, Socorro, 87801 4543

What is the meaning of spanish named places in Trinidad?

Trinidad is Spanish for Trinity, as in the Holy Trinity (the father, the son, the holy spirit).

How do you pronounce the Spanish word pias?

You pronounce it 'PEE ahs.'

How do you pronounce Timothy in Spanish?

Timothy is Timoteo in Spanish.