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How do you pronounce Bruchko?

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Q: How do you pronounce bruchko?
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How do you prnounce bruchko?

how do you pronounce bruchko from bruce olsens book

What are the characters names in Bruchko?

Bruce Olsen was the main character

What has the author Bruce Olson written?

Bruce Olson has written: 'Bruchko' -- subject(s): Missions, Missionaries, Biography, Motilon Indians, Yuko Indians, Indians of South America

Is Bruce Olson still a missionary?

Yes, he is, even though he is 71!If you want proof, check the Wikipedia article about him. It doesn't list a death date for him, and the last reference for the article directs you to , which shows that he was still in the jungle in 2007.Finally, you can check out his personal webpage at (he also still has his old website at ).If you haven't already, I would recommend that you read his autobiography Bruchko to learn more about his missionary experiences. I also found interesting because it told about some experiences that he had after the time period which Bruchko tells about.

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