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How do you pronounce key in french?

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If you are looking for the way to pronounce the French word for key, "clef," it is pronounced, "cleh."

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You pronounce sisters in French "swa".

To pronounce French it is Fra-on-ss you spell it Fronse

You pronounce it the same way in french as you do in english, only with a french accent.

la Loire is pronounced " l'war "

aret is how you pronounce it

The French word for 'July' is 'Juillet'. To pronounce July in French you say 'zhwee-eh'.

I would pronounce it "KEY-air-an".

Vert (Do not pronounce the 't')

pronounce as "der" - pronounce the "r" only slightly

"Cu" is just how you would pronounce the french word for neck

300 in french would be Trois centsbut dont pronounce it as "Cents" as in pennies, pronounce it as "Sans" (french)

We don't pronounce it because in french we use french words for the horoscope, in this case: Bélier

It's pronounced "key"

"Shawm-pin-yons" is the way to pronounce champignons in French.

Written six Pronounce ceass

Some pronounce it like Key and some pronounce it like Ki. Hope this helped!

It is pronounced "key".

The word in French is 'contrabandier'.

four in french is: quatre

pregnant is "enceinte" in French.

To speak is "parler" in French.

Key-Ono-Foe-Bee-Ah is how you would pronounce it.

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