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How do you pronounce lysne in Danish?

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It's hard to explain to an English-speaking person, as the sound of the /y/ doesn't exist in English. I suggest you go to the following page on Wikipedia, where there is a sound example: Additionally, you need to remember to pronounce the final /e/ as the one in the word "the".

2007-12-08 23:42:59
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When was Per Lysne born?

Per Lysne was born in 1880.

When did Per Lysne die?

Per Lysne died in 1947.

How do you pronounce the Danish name bolette?

to pronounce the danish name bolette, you say (bol)-ay

How do you pronounce the danish word veranderen?

That word is NOT Danish - probably Dutch.

How do you pronounce vogterhaus in danish?

Not a danish word.It sound kinda German though.

How do you pronounce the Danish word dragt?

You pronounce as you spell it, but with the "a" pronounced as the a in lard.

How do you pronounce altid in danish?


How do your pronounce the Danish word Jan?


How do you pronounce the Danish word Pejse?


Who is Lady Gaga's favorite fan?

jocelyn lysne

How do you pronounce Hej in danish?

It is pronounced like you would say hi in English

How do you pronounce behage in Danish?

Almost like the english word 'behave'. The 'beha' is same in both words, and then 'ge' is pronounced like the y and e in 'yes'. So a mix of behave and yes 'beha-ye', is how you pronounce 'behage' in Danish.

How do you pronounce the name Fortune in Danish?

Well, the name Fortune itself would be pronounced just like in English.But the Danish equivalent, Lykke, would be pronounced like Lyk-eh

How do you pronounce jysk?

JYSK is pronounced 'YISK" In Danish the J makes a Y sound and the Y makes that of a silent I.

Do norwegians speak danish?

Norwegians can read and write Danish (if they want to), but to understand spoken Danish is not so easy. The Danes use the same words as Norwegians, with the same spelling mostly, but pronounce many of the consonants differently.A simple ferryboat is 'ferje' in both languages. Ferrr yuh in Norwegian and fair in Danish.The difference between Norwegian and Danish is somewhat like the difference between Standard English and Ulster Scots.

How do you say idiot in Danish?

Idiot is the same word, 'idiot', you just pronounce it with a long o sound and more emphasis on the o.

How do you pronounce the Danish word Osterbrogade?

It is called Østerbrogade. It is veeery hard to explain how to pronounce the "ø" Goes something like this [ear-sta-bro-gath'e] But still... you gotta hear it, otherwise it's almost impossible..

How do you pronounce the Danish word bedstemor?

Like the English word 'best' and with an e after the t. Followed by the word 'mor', which is pronounced like you see the letters.

How do you say danish in danish?

dansk if you asked about what danish pastry was called on danish then it is "Wienerbrød"

How do you pronounce the Danish name Kjaereng?

Danish pronunciation can be a bit difficult to approximate using just English sounds, but it's something like "KYÆ-rehng", with Æ like in "cat", and EH like in "pen". Make the Y very brief, almost attached to the K. Also, Danish R is like the French R, in the back of the throat.

How do you pronounce Jeg elsker dig?

Jeg elsker dig (Danish) Yay elska day (phonetic) Said quickly, the words blend into each other.

Danish in urdu?


What has the author A Danish written?

A. Danish has written: 'Jahan-e-danish'

What is proper adjective of danish?

Danish is the proper adjective of Denmark.

How do you pronounce merry Christmas in danish?

Merry Christmas in the Danish language is Glaedelig Jul or God Jul. Christmas in Denmark begins with decorating the Christmas tree a week ahead of time. Then people are always on the lookout for Nisse, a very mischievous elf who loves to play pranks.