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Q: How do you pronounce prae in latin?
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How do you pronounce the latin word prae in English?

similar to "pray".

What does latin word prae mean?


What Words start with the prefix 'pre'?

According to, it comes from the Latin prefix prae-, from prae, before, in front.

What is the stem word of prenatal?

Prenatal comes from Latin prae- "before" and natalis "having to do with birth".

What two latin words does prelude come from?

Prae/pre, meaning "before," and ludere, meaning "to play."

What are the ratings and certificates for Prae dum - 1961?

Prae dum - 1961 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG

What is the derivation of the word premature?

The word is of Latin origin 'praematurus' meaninjg 'too early' from 'prae' meaming 'before' and 'maturus' meaning 'ripe or timely'

What language does precede come from?

Like many English words, it comes from Latin. (When you see the prefix "pre-", that means "before"). Precede comes from the Latin words meaning to go before (prae cedere).

What Latin root means 'in front of' or 'occurring before'?

Prae- is one Latin root that means 'in front of, occurring before'. Pro- is another. Either way, both also may function as prepositions in a sentence.

From what language does the word predicated derive?

The word predicated derives from the Latin word praedicare which means to assert publicly. The Latin word is made up of two parts. The first part, prae, means "in front" in Latin, while dicere means "to say".

Is the word prefix Latin?

Yes, it is. It's composed of "prae" (before, in front of) and "fixere" (if you want so... to fix)... so a prefix is something you put before a word...

How do you pronounce the Latin amicissimus?