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The Welsh numbers from 1-10 are

Un (one - pronounced "een")

Dau (two - pronounced "die")

Tri (three - pronounced "tree")

Pedwar (four - pronounced "ped-whar")

Pump (five - pronounced "pimp")

Chwech (six - pronounced kwe-ch)

Saith (seven - prounounced "scythe")

Wyth (eight - pronounced "oi-th")

Nawr (nine - pronounced "naw-r")

Deg (ten - pronounced "deg")

10+ are

Un deg (ten - pronounced "een deg")

Un deg un (eleven - prononced "een deg een")

Un deg dau (twelve - pronounced "een deg die")

And so on.

20+ is

Dau deg un (twenty - pronounced "die deg un")

I'm sure using this, you can work out everything up to 99.

One hundred is cant (pronounced can't)

For 100-999 you use things such as un cant saith deg pedwar (which is 174 - "een can't scythe deg ped-whar")

For reference, a thousand is mil - pronounced "meel".

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Q: How do you pronounce welsh numbers?
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