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You say yes in Korean like this. Yae. It kinda sounds like yeah with an accent. Kinda like saying y-eh together really fast.

Yes in Korean, from my understanding, is pronounced "Ne".

However reading into it, it is the informal way of saying Yes. The formal way in Korean is "Ye," according to other sources.

Ye is pronounced like the ye in yellow before you say the llow part. but in korean, there are pretty much 3 ways to say things, and the first one is for adults or a person you respect and is older. the second one is for people your age, and the third is for people that are younger than you. the one i said is for people you respect. the second part would be eung. there are no words i can use for example, but it does not sound like yung. the third one would be eung again or uh.

neh (내)- (to be polite)

uh (어)- (to say to people that you know)

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'yes' is 네 (neh) and 'no' is 아니요 (a-ni-yo).

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Q: How do you pronounce yes and no in Korean?
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