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How do you propose in rune factory?


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You have to complete the requirements needed for the character and after you have everything needed just talk to her at a certain time and at a certain place.


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Have 50 monsters in huts and on Holidays go to where Kasimer Ruins are and you can propose.

There is no Blue Feather in Rune Factory 2. Or any Rune Factory. The Blue Feather is a staple of the Harvest Moon games. Rune Factory is a different series. In Rune Factory 2 each girl has their own specific item used to propose to them. Complete all their requests (and requests from people that are related to them) on the help board and you will get a special item. Give that special item to the girl in order to propose.

That depends on what Rune Factory are are talking about. Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon is out in NA Rune Factory 2 is out in NA Rune Factory Frontier is out in NA Rune Factory 3 is out in NA Rune Factory Oceans is not out anywhere

There is no Pickax in Rune Factory.

It is unconfirmed if another Rune Factory game will be released. As of January 2014, there are six games currently out: Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Rune Factory 2 Rune Factory Frontier Rune Factory 3 Rune Factory Tides of Destiny Rune Factory 4 The producer of Rune Factory, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, annouced that they will make Rune Factory 5. However, Neverland Co, the developer of the Rune Factory series, filed for bankruptcy near the end of November 2013. Also, with the cancellation of Rune Factory 4 in Europe, it is believed by many that there will not be a sequel. However, nobody really knows if there will be another release.

Yes, you can get married in Rune Factory.

Rune Factory Frontier is a Farming RPG game for the Nintendo Wii. It is the third game in the Rune Factory series.

Yes, after you get married, you can get a child in Rune Factory

Rune Factory Frontier happened in 2008.

Yes. You can marry Lynnet in Rune Factory 1.

Yes. You can have a child after you get married in Rune Factory.

Complete all of her requests on the Help Board. In one her of requests you will get a special item used to propose to that girl specifically. Once you have her to Ten LP use the item to propose.

You have to use an axe to chop stumps in Rune Factory

The 5th boss in Rune Factory 3 is Aquaticus

Rune Factory 4 is for the 3DS only.

You cannot marry Evelyn in Rune Factory 3

Rune Factory Frontier was created on 2008-11-27.

I'm assuming you mean Rune Factory 1 for the DS. You must upgrade your house, buy the Double Bed, get the girl to ten LP, and then propose in a special way. The way you propose to each girl is different. Some girls need to be proposed to using a special item. Others you just have to talk to them while they are in the right place, at the right time.

YEAH!i love ALLof the rune factories,especially rune factory 2

Rune Factory 3 came out in November, 2010

You use the hammer to mine ores in Rune Factory 1

No. Ventuswill has not appeared in any Rune Factory game yet.

Yes. Raise her LP to ten and then complete all her requests. In her final request you'll be given the opportunity to propose.

Rune Factory 3 was released in Japan, October 22, 2009.Rune Factory 3 was released in North America, November 9, 2010.

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