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I'm sorry, but I've been riding and working with horses all my life, and I have never heard someone ask such a stupid question. And I work with people who have never ridden a horse before in their life. You wear breeches, boots, and a crappy t shirt. No knee protectors.

Ur wierd. Srry.

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When riding on a horse the gloves do what?

They protect your hands from any damage. :)

What position should you be in when riding a horse with your feet?

Do you mean "what position should your feet be in when riding a horse?" If so then this is the answer: you should have your heels down and knees bent with your feet right beside the girth.

What are horse riding pants made out of?

Do you mean jodpurs??? They can be made out of a myriad of materials but they all have padding on the inside of the knees.

How do riding gloves protect your hands?

If the horse pull they stop the reins from rubbing.

How many knees does a horse have?

A horse has two knees, they are on the front legs.

In which sport a toque is used to protect your head?

A toque is used to protect someone's head in equestrian sports. Equestrian sports are also known as horse back riding or horse riding. The sport involves using horses for performing various tasks.

What is the name of horse riding?

Horse riding is called Equestrian Horse riding is called Equestrian

What is a riding horse?

a riding horse is a horse you can ride. There is also a breed called Riding Pony.

What is more dangerous riding a horse or riding in a helicopter?

Horse Riding.

What are the safety rules that need to be respected before mounting a horse?

protect your head with a riding hat

Does a horse need to have a saddle pad when riding?

Yes, a horse does need a saddle pad to protect it's back and make the saddle feel snug on the horse.

What is better.A monkey riding a horse or a mouse riding a pig?

A monkey riding a horse

How could you describe horse riding?

riding a horse ;)

What is horse-riding in french?

It is: L'equitation. Horse riding rocks!

Where can you get a horse riding helmet?

you can get a horse-riding helmet at your local saddlery

What is the meaning of horse riding prohibited?

It means that riding on a horse is not allowed

Is horse riding a Olympic sport?

Horse riding is an Olympic sport.

Do Spain like horse riding?

yes they do like horse riding.

What is a horse for riding called?

There are many breeds of horses used for riding. A general terminology used to designate that a horse is for riding is saddle horse.

What is the present progressive of ride?

The present progressive is formed with am/is/are + present participle.The present participle of ride is riding. Some examples:I am riding the horse.She is riding the horseThe boy is riding the horseThey are riding horsesThe boys are riding horses.

What horse is used in horseback riding?

There is no specific horse you have to use for horseback riding, as long as the horse is trained.

How unpopular is horse riding?

Horse riding is quite popular around the world.

Can you do horse riding in gambia?

Yes, the main tourist beaches have horse riding

What is horse riding in french?

If you are asking what horse riding means in French, it is l'equitation.

Did the Spanish like horse riding?

yes the spanish do like horse riding

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