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Smother her wit love. For example be around her at all times,tell her you love way more than needed,etc.If you dont want to do that much just sit her down and how a serious talk with her that she should trust you and that you promise not to have anything go on with another girl * All I can say is you shouldn't have done it in the first place. It can be sole destroying for a woman. It can make them feel worthless. I have been thru it and unfortunately I wouldn't place my trust in anyone at all. It gets to the point that whatever you say to us, we probably wont believe you. you will have to try damn hard to convince your girlfriend that this wont happen again. Trust is a hard thing to win back once broken. Respect and unfortunately what people think of what you have done may ruin your reputation for further relationships. Dont make it a pattern as so many do.......

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Q: How do you prove to your girlfriend that there is going to be no more cheating?
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If a guy is cheating on his girlfriend does he like the girl that he is cheating on with his girlfriend?

maybe, maybe not.If he spends more time with the girl he is cheating on.

How do you show that you are not cheating on your girlfriend?

Prove it if you are really mean it! You have to know what does she wants from you to believe that. If you really know her, then you must know it. But hey, I'm not judging you here, I want to help you. You can go to this page and read all information about how to prove it to your girlfriend that you are loyal and not cheating on her: **************************************** It is not really up to you to prove that you are not cheating; it would be up to your accuser to offer evidence that you are. If there is no such evidence, then there is no valid reason to accuse you. If there is evidence that you are cheating, at that point you can explain what has really happened and why it might appear that you are cheating even though you are not. Sometimes, there are ambiguous social situations which can be interpretted in more than one way.

If girlfriend is real jealous and always accusing boyfriend of cheating can it be a sign of girlfriend cheating?

it depends if she has hormone problems or she might just be over protective. you should hang out with her more and maybe she won't be that way any more.

C can you tell if your girlfriend isn't cheating on you?

Yes you can tell this just by her behavior. If she likes you and spends more time with you, she isn't cheating.

Can you work things out after cheating on your girlfriend in a long distance relationship?

After cheating, it is very difficult to gain the trust. You can do that by talking to her more often.

How do you prove that your not cheating on the Ouija Board?

You cannot prove it either way any more than you can prove whether it is for real or is everybody having themseves on. I strongly suspect the latter.

How do you tell if he is cheating?

His lips are moving. On a more serious note, although the scent of another woman's perfume or a hair that doesn't belong to you on his clothing, even lipstick on his collar do not prove he is cheating, he may be. Confronting him rarely yields an honest answer if he is actually cheating. Hiring a private detective is the best sure-fire way to prove whether or not he (or she) is cheating.

How do you prove to your girlfriend that you love her?

Write her love letters or spend more time with her

What does it mean when you or your girlfriend are leaving each other in a dream?

she is more than likely cheating on you..SORRY

Who is christianos girlfriend?

no one any more he broke up with his girlfriend for cheating on him hes free and single :P

How do you prove to your girlfriend you love her more?

Every thing she does that is good for u do it 2x better

How do you get a guy to like you and dump his girlfriend for you I know that sounds mean but she is secretly cheating on him and she is one of my best friends how do I get him to like me more?

SHOW him that she is cheating. if he knows that you like him, a simple "shes cheating" wont make him understand.

How can I tell if my girlfriend is cheating?

She looks more at the guy than you. Check her phone.

What type of code number could 70770 be?

its not a code, if you want to prove that your man is cheating you'll need more than that!

Is your girlfriend in new york shonae cheating on you?

'''ANSWER:''' ''' I wish I know the type of question you are asking here, maybe more details?'''

How many girlfriend may you have?

One. Having more that one tends to make people mad and which is also called "cheating"

How can you tell if my girlfriends cheating?

One of the first thing I noticed in the question is the use of the plural use of girlfriend. So, this may mean that you have more than one girlfriend which would make you the person cheating. Next, you need to sit down and talk to your girlfriend. Are you trying to control her?Do you require her to "check in" with you ? If you are being controlling and need to stop.

What do you do when your in love with your best guy friend who has a girlfriend?

tell his girlfriend that he doesn't like her any more and then go up to the guy and kiss him or say can i go out with you or do both then he might say but i have a girlfriend then say she doesn't like you any more she apparently hates you shes says that your cheating on her

What to notice if a girlfriend is cheating?

Usually if she is spending time with other guys more than you or can't hang out because she's 'busy'

Do you tell your son his girlfriend is cheating?

It would be the best to tell him... It would be more worse when he sees his girlfriend doing something with another guy... You should handle the problem easy, and explain him it on an easy way. Ask him to talk with the girlfriend about it and handle it from there on.

What should i do when i have a girlfriend and i like my Friend?

If you are serious about the relationship and like your girlfriend more than the friend, then ignore the feelings and get over it. If you like the friend more than your girlfriend and the friend likes you, then possibly end the relationship and start a new one with your "friend". Don't be scared to break up with your girlfriend and end up cheating on her. Just remember, if you like your girlfriend more, ignore the feelings and move on; and if you like the friend more and the friend likes you, end the relationship.

If you have dated a girl for seven years and have a child together but you cheated multiple times and she found out and is moving on how can you regain her trust?

You need to grow up! You're a daddy so when you cheat on your girlfriend you are cheating on your child! Face it ... you're scum, and you need to do a lot more soul searching before you dare try to get back with her again. Trust is one thing that is not possible to regain when it comes to cheating (she will always wonder if you are up to your old tricks). If you were so unhappy you had the opportunity to be honest with your girlfriend and part company then there would be no need for cheating. It's quite possible you have learned your lesson, but, if you aren't serious or you feel you even have a hint of cheating on your girlfriend should you get back together then do her a favor and keep going! I'm not going to tell you how to figure this one out because part of you growing up and maturing is for you to do that! When you figure it out approach her and you'd better get on your knees!

Your girlfriend introduced you to her parents and acts like she is cheating?

AnswerIf your girlfriend has introduced you to her parents around the same time as it seems like shes cheating then its more likely that shes not cheating.. But If this is at 2 different times, and your sure shes cheating you should sit her down and ask her why.. she could be scared of commitment or just want to be with some one else Hope this helps

How do you get a girl to fall in love with you when you have a girlfriend?

As a girl, I should tell you that if the girl you want to love you is worth being with at all, she would be a good person as to leave you alone if you already have a girlfriend. If you're going to cheat on your girlfriend with another girl, then you end up having a relationship with her, how can she trust you? You best move would be to break up with your current girlfriend if you're looking for someone else. Also, you would be hurting your girlfriend more by cheating on her than just breaking up with her. I know from experience. Make the right choice.

How do you not be shy around your girlfriend in the 6th grade?

Just get use to being around your girlfriend once your use to it your not going to be shy no more (this is my opinion)

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