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Q: How do you prunounce 148000000000000000000?
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How do you prunounce utsukushii?

utsukushi = ootsookooshe u = the oo sound from boot tsu = from tsunami ku = the cou sound from coupe shi = she all sounds are short and abrupt

How do you say i think i might be in love in swedish?

Awe! =D That's one of the few phrases that sounds mutch better in swedish, but very hard to prunounce with an English accent. Spelled "Jag tror jag är kär". Prunounced "Jag troe-r (r-sound, like the "re" in rest) jag ear cheer". x>

How do you say your cool in Swedish?

"Du är cool". It's hard to prunounce the u if you've got an English accent. Any way! "Due air cool". x]