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How do you pull a tooth out without it hurting?


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December 01, 2011 4:09AM

with caramel

put it on ur tooth, then bite hard and fast

(hahahaha hard and fast XD)

From IAmArchAngel:

well 1, Starbursts is a super big NO because one of my friends bit down hard and fast, and i don't know what happend but she had to get surgery (3 times) I chew gum and it comes out. another way (i don't recommend it) have someone take a tenis racet and hit the ball toarwds your mouth and it will come out. you won't feel a thing, and this happend at my local Y and the only thing that hurt was my face...for three seconds...Oh if you want your tooth well i swallowed mine... Heh heh yeah well gum and gummibears.

From Alma;

Well heres what I do I just don't mind it and I just eat something like one time I was eating chocolate and my tooth came out xD It was funny.