Boston Tea Party

How do you put Boston Tea Party into a sentence?


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The Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston.

Many crates of tea were dumped into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party.

that's all i can think of

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"The Boston Tea Party was caused by the colonist revolt over taxation without representation."

the tea act resulted in th Boston Tea Party. great Britain put a tax on tea and the colonists got mad and dumped the tea

The Tea Act was passed in 1773, before the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was a protest against the tea act, as tea smugglers and merchants were afraid cheap tea would put them out of business. Since it was the reason for the Boston Tea Party, it could not be a punishment for Massachusetts.

The laws put on the colonists in 1763 to punish them for the boston tea party were called "The Intolerable Acts."

millons of dollors were lost when the colonist put the tea in the ocean

It wasn't the king, but the British Government alone that closed the port of Boston and put in place a series of laws called the Intolerable Acts after the Boston Tea Party.

put taxes on the colonists because of the Boston tea party

The Tea Act was when the British put taxes on the tea and the colonists got mad and dumped the tea in the Boston Harbor also known as the Boston Tea Party. So there are lots place which follow the different process and rules.

Britain punished the colonies by closing the port of Boston and put in place a series of laws called the Intolerable Acts because of the Boston Tea Party. They also placed troops in the city.

The Sons of Liberty dressed as the Mohawk Indians and jumped on board three shiploads of tea that was about to be delivered to Boston. They jumped on board, hatched open the tea, and threw it overboard. There were suprisingly no injuries and the ships were not damaged. Only one man put tea in his petticoat. (had to be punished). This riot led to the Boston Tea Party

The Tea Act, which would allow the East India Company to sell tea directly to the colonists with no tax. England thought the colonists would just buy the cheaper tea, but they rebelled with the Boston Tea Party because it put many merchants out of business.

The Boston Harbor was closed, and laws known as the Coercive or Intolerable acts were put in.

It started with many of the founding fathers in 1773. Started in one day and ended in the same. The Boston Tea Party was a rebellious act by Patriots, the Sons of Liberty, in 1773 to the taxes put on tea, put up by Britain as a response to debt created by the French and Indian War. They were also put into place by George Grenville, the British Prime Minister sent to "babysit" the colonies. Overall, the Boston Tea Party lead to the Intolerable Acts.

The Boston Tea Party was a result of the King taxing the colonist. The king put a tax on the tea and basically forced them to buy it. The colonists then dressed up like Indians ( to conceal their identity) and dumped the tea into the harbor. After that the king closed all of Bostons ports until the tea was payed for.

the tea act of 1773 was passed by england to save the east india company from bankrupy. they put taxes on tea and the colonist didnt like it. so on december 16, 1773 the boston tea party happens. colonist dressed up as mohawk indians and dumped the tea into the boston harbor. the boston harbor closed until the tea was repaid which was the intolorable act caused by the tea party.

Because the colonists objected to the monopoly on tea and the import duty. Because the colonists did not like Britain put a tax on tea.

there are plenty. if you are looking for something from way back, there was the tea act and it put taxes on tea and the colonists from Boston boarded british ships and dumped the tea into the ocean, otherwise known as the Boston tea party.

Parliament, made a law which closed down Boston Harbor and put Massachusetts under British rule

They Had Put Limits On The Colonists' rights to call town meetings

they were protesting because the British king had put really big taxes on the tea, and so they were like, really mad.

No, not at all. Over 2,000 people died in Pearl and chests of tea were put into the harbor in the tea party. One captain got his head hit. No comparison between the two events.

The Intolerable Acts were passed. These acts were put in place in order for the colonists to pay back for all th tea dumped.

he placed the intolerable acts. They were the soldiers could house anywhere they wanted, the soldiers could be put on trial in Boston etc. etc.

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