How do you put Homebrew on a DS Flash Cart?

Adding homebrew to your flash cart

This example uses the R4DS, but all flash carts are very similar.

You will need:

  • A MicroSD Card, with firmware installed (DS MENU.DAT, etc.)
  • A way to plug the MicroSD into your Computer (adapter/usb etc.)
  • The file to be installed, usually with the extension '.nds'
  • a DLDI Patcher and the dldi patch file (For homebrew)


  1. Put the MicroSD card into your Computer. (usually requires an adapter)
  2. Locate the .nds file on your computer, and 'Right Click - Copy'.
  3. Navigate to your MicroSD card and 'Right Click - Paste'.
  4. When it's finished, remove the MicroSD card from your Computer.
  5. Put the MicroSD card into the Flash Cart, then put it in your DS.
  6. Power on your DS and browse/run the file

If it fails to launch, it is usually because the file is incompatible with the firmware. Updating your firmware to the latest version usually fixes the problem.

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