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I guess it depends on what sort of hardware you are using. If you're talking phones, ( Orange spv c500 / c550 or c600) it's simply a case of drag and drop (once the phone is connected to your pc).

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โˆ™ 2005-11-29 16:42:18
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Q: How do you put MP3s on the Mini SDs?
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I want to put several mp3s into one. How can you put together a mixtape from mp3s?

Get yourself some audio editing software, and follow the directions.

Can ipod touches play mp3s?

Yes they can play mp3s. You just have to use iTunes to put music onto them.

Can you put mp3s on burnout paradise?

Not directly onto the game, but if you have mp3s on your system you can play them by going to Easydrive --> Soundtrack --> Custom

Do Mini disc players use mp3s or .wav files?

They use .wav files but the files can be converted to MP3's if need be.

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What does the sds in sds drills stand for?

Slotted Drive System

Can we autoclave SDS solution?

SDS solution should not be autoclaved. Moreover any other solution containing SDS should not be autoclaved too. Because SDS will cause boil over of the solution.

How do you put movies on mp3 players?

You can not put movies on a mp3 player only on an ipod video mp3s hold only music.

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SDS Sigma series was created in 1965.

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SDS Tuberculosis Sanatorium was created in 1948.

Can you put podcasts on the ipod 6g?

Yes. Podcasts are MP3 files which will play on anything that can play MP3s.

Which is correct MP3's or MP3s?

"MP3s" is the correct plural form of MP3.

How do you put mp3s on to an ipod?

download your MP3's to windows media player, and from there download it to your itunes. There you have to download it to your iPod...

What is the difference between power and stength?

really i don't know me don't ether2edssdsdsdssdssdssdssdssds

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The end of the drill bit that goes into the drill comes in different shapes, SDS is one of those types. It can only be used in a drill that accepts SDS shanks, and a drill that requires SDS shanks won't accept any other sort of bit.

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Do MP3s have an odor?


Do mp3s help people learn?

yes mp3s can help people learn because it helps them concentrate

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SDS or sodiumdodecyl sulfate is a detergent used in protein separation. SDS buffer or SDS sample buffer consist of SDS, Tris, glycerol, bromo phenol blue, EDTA, and DTT or beta mercapto ethanol as a standard recipe. SDS is also added in stacking and separating gel preparation buffers that contain acrlamide.The main purpose is to keep the proteins denatured and provide the net negative charge to proteins as well as to run them according to it molecular weight

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The major drawback is that treatment with SDS denatures the protein, meaning you are not looking at it in its natural state.

What is a good brand of boombox that plays MP3s?

Phillips manufactures a boombox, the PSS110, which has the added convenience of playing MP3s.

Where can mp3s be purchased?

Mp3s are fairly ubiquitous and can be purchased at any big box store such as Walmart or Target. They can also be found at large electronics and appliance chains such as Best Buy. For Apple mp3s (iPods), they can also be purchased at the Apple stores. One can also find mp3s online at Amazon and eBay.