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To make a heart symbol it's alt and 3.

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โˆ™ 2013-06-01 14:39:53
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Q: How do you put a heart on Stardoll?
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How do you put more stardollars on stardoll?

You have to put your code or phone to stardoll office

How do you put a picture of your medoll on stardoll?

Your Medoll Is Already On Stardoll.

How do you put your clouths in the stardoll magzine?

you can't. only Callie controlls the stardoll magazine. but you can put them in your albumb

On stardoll how do you put your face on your page?

this :)

How do you do a heart on stardoll?

You mean in star design? Ask me!I amQueenpsk

Where are the items in the stardoll arriety hunt?

heart in membership page

Were do you put the stardoll employee code?

It was said that you should put it through your "change password" bar. But you shouldn't do that because there is no such thing as the Stardoll Employee code.

How can you put your pictures in your album on stardoll?

You just have to drag it.

How do you put callie in the scenery on stardoll?

dont now

How do you put a stardoll link on blogger?

You need to have a blog.

How do you make hearts on stardoll?

To mak hearts you hold the 'alt' key and press the number '3' to get a heart or type in: & hearts; just don't put the spaces!

How do you fix a stardoll picture that is not working?

If you have Put up a Picture it May Take a Few Days Before It Is Accepted by stardoll, If The Problem isn't Fixed contact Stardoll Admin x Stardoll: Bracken1234

How do you put presents on stardoll in storage?

You Cant I Dont Think

How do you put clip art on clothes on stardoll?

u cant

How do you use a stardoll pal?

To use a stardoll pal you have to buy one from the suite shop (there should be a label saying stardoll pals), and put it up in your suite. Stardoll pals don't do anything, except allow you to dress them up in the stardoll pal outfits you have bought them

Is Stardoll a site where you can communicate with friends?

Yes! Stardoll is a site to communicate with friends! Please feel free to put another answer! Thanks!

How do you put beard on your stardoll avatar?

buy one and put it on when u go to me doll editor

How do you put your stardoll gamecard in your account?

That doesn't make any since.

How do you get rid of the presents in your stardoll suite?

You can't delete them but you can put them in storage

How do you add things to your wishlist on stardoll?

You click on the purple heart next to the price tag

How do you put your stardoll on Facebook?

i will tell you how to put your stardoll in facebook first you will go to and log in then below your medoll picture you will see they write ( my account ) click it second they will show you 4 boxes above you you will have to click the last box which is called ( account settings ) then go dowwwnn you will see they wright connect to facebook then you click it after put your username and password for your stardoll on facebook and voila stardoll on facebook !

How do you put a picture of your stardoll person on the presentation?

you must be a superstar on so u can put your picture of your stardoll medoll and u can put any music but u must be a SUPERSTAR btw i am not a superstar :p and i really wanna be 1 btw visit my suit and vote i am vondutch000 at stardoll.combye see ya there in stardoll =)

How do you delate your stardoll clothes?

You can't, you can only sell them (if you are Superstar)or put them in Storage.

How do you put highlights on your stardoll?

You Buy then Then Rub Them over your Medolls hair x

When i am tryng to put my stardoll pin in it won't work?

look at bottom of recpit