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Stardoll is a web site of educational games, and is based on the concept of paper dolls.

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What does suite mean at Stardollcom?

suite means yr house (strange question)
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Can you read mortal kiss without stardoll?

yes. you can read Mortal Kiss as a book or you can read parts on facebook. ...
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What are some celebrity Stardoll accounts?

Be cautious about any Stardoll accounts claiming to be celebrities. It is very unlikely that celebrities have public Stardoll accounts, so any account claiming to be a celebrity is probably only pretending to be a celebrity on a fake account. WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about people, famous or non-famous alike, due to privacy regulations and WikiAnswers policies. ...
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How do you put highlights on your stardoll?

You Buy then Then Rub Them over your Medolls hair x
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How do you get stardoll pictures onto your blog?

what kind of blog and if is wordpress 1) you go to and log in or sign up 2) you go to my account and press "my blog" 3) and press appearance 4) and press background (but before everything you got to download a picture of stardoll) 5) and then you upload it 6) edit it if you want and then press save changes ...
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Are there Stardoll cheats and can you get Stardolls or Stardollars for free?

Here are answers from a number of WikiAnswers users: There were NEVER any "cheats" they are all just scams. No. No cheats. You used to get 5 stardollars if you invited friends to join. There arent ANY cheats. They are all scams and if you get found out that you have been posting cheats you will be taken off stardoll. No, there are not. None of the so-called "cheats" work. They are scams to get your username and password. Many people claim that there...
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Who has the best album on stardoll?

The best album on stardoll is birdgirl30 even though it's under construction. ...
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Which clubs give you free gifts on stardoll?

Most "featured" clubs created by stardoll. They may tell you in the presentation something like "Join to receive free t-shirt" this will be promotional and they may even give you a link to like them on facebook for a free item. Some links are below (some of them may not work after a while, sorry) You will probably see some over time on stardoll, & you can check for single worded clubs e.g. "Dove club" "Saturdays" or "Amy Diamond" Clubs which are...
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On stardoll where is the big green bow?

It's in StarSparkles under headwear. :)
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How do you put a heart on Stardoll?

To make a heart symbol it's alt and 3. ♥
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What do you get for stardoll royalty?

You get a Stardoll Royalty sign and a diamond beside your name for being an "SS" for more than a year. My SD name is carly4325 ...
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What is Stardoll's email?

It's kinda weird. Well Callie's real name is Nadia and her pet dog name is Mak. Her e-mail is No! its! No, Callie.Stardoll's e-mail is Actully,none it's something else but im telling u Ariana:) ...
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How do you get Starbucks on stardoll?

I normally do play and earn, except i am a superstar so most of the time i earn money from my starbazzar, but superstars also get 200 star-dollars at the start of the month. If you want to do play and earn, all you have to do is vote people and on the catwalk too. Also you can keep up to one dollar a day but the rest go away within 7 hours, so spend them well!! ...
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How do you make a cookie monster design on Stardoll?

you have to have two big white circles but your background must be a dark blue. then click on the mouth shape thing and rotate it to where it is going to the left of the computer screen but for they eyes use the big white circles and put small black circles in the white circle and use the skinny triangles to make 3 teeth in the mouth. ...
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How do you get money to the superstar racing?

its so simple you can enter into racing and best race so you can get money ...
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What is a ref on stardoll?

Do you mean a reference? It's a person or info that can back you up. (Example:) "I need at least to references to have you give me a makeover- so I know you're safe." ...
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What is the code for SpongeBob gift lift?

the code is presents
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Is there a cheat for stardoll royalty?

The site in related links gives you free stardoll royalty for a year and works but you have to be a superstar that has been a member for 6 months or over, go to the site for more details. ...
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Why cant you buy LE on stardoll?

To buy Limited Edition you must be a superstar. you must have loads of stardollars. You have to goto the shop as soon as it opens If it has a red cross on the price tags then the means it is sold out . Hope i helped ! I'm Girlybubblely btw. ...
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How do you make an underwater room on star doll?

You need to find an interior that is like if your underwater.
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How do you become Stardoll Royalty for free?

You don't! you have to pay for it.. hacking and stealing to get free goods online and espcially membership is prohibited . you will get fined major money! BEWARE! ...
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How do you change your MeDoll settings on stardoll?

You go to my account then settings and if you would like to change your medoll's hair styles and body and make-up and that then go to ur page and then click on medoll. Or whatever! ...
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How do you get a free dog on stardoll?

You cannot get a free dog ! But you can buy a dog at different fashion stores They are all different prices and cost quite a lot of stardollars ...