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The only way to do this is to have custom firmware(CFW). to do this you need to have a Pandora battery and magic memory stick. You can get the battery by 1. opening it and soddering (hardmodding. 2.buying one online from Pandora 3.getting one from someone with a hacked psp who has the software to turn a battery into a Pandora(softmodding). The reason you need the battery is because there are chips inside the battery that are programmed to make the psp run. The memory stick can be bought online or made by downloading special software onto the memory stick. Find a tutorial to show you how to use them to install CFW. Then, with CFW, you can download the iso online (illegal or legal?) or use a umd dumper software to copy the umd contents on the psp memory stick. Contact me at if you have any questions.

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Q: How do you put a iso PSP game on PSP firmware 5.02?
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You have psp firmware 4.21 how can you play iso games your psp is 3004?

Unfortuantly fellow PSP player you yet cannot play iso's on your PSP. Persevere these few months until some gets a hack. To be on the safe side, do not upgrade your firmware. I really feel for you :).

What if your PSP is 3001 how can you play iso games you have PSP firmware 5.50?

Actually you can play ISO / CSO in psp 3000. I've already tried this and it's perfectly working and also my firmware is 5.03, you cannot play on 5.50 . sorry pal :))

Can you play ISO without custom firmware on psp?

No, you must have at least 3.52 M33 Actually you can, assuming you have Official firmware 1.50 on your Psp and have installed Devhook. Even if you have devhook you can only play ISO's that devhook can support (up to 3.03).

What folder do you put psp fvista in?

plug your psp into your PC but don't use manager put the firmware into the iso folder

Can you play an iso file on the psp with 5.03 chickHen R2 firmware?

No: but if you change to 5.03 gen-a you can

Where can you download FIFA 09 for psp?

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone piracy, and I'm assuming it's a backup of your own disc. DISCLAIMER 2: The process of installing custom firmware can permanently break your PSP if done incorrectly. I am not responsible for any breakages To load the ISO, you will need to have a custom firmware on your PSP. This is a firmware that has been reverse-engineered to add community-desired features, such as homebrew capabilities. The method to install one depends on a) the firmware you install, b) the current firmware of your PSP and c) the hardware model of said PSP. Once you installed it, plug in your memory stick to your PC and make a folder called 'ISO' at the root of the memory stick (so it looks like eg. X:\ISO), and put the ISO file in there. On the PSP go to Game > Memory stick, and it should appear there

Is there a homebrew app for psp to allow the psp to show iso folder to download iso straight to psp?

If you have cfw (custom firmware), all you have to do is (make backup copies for your game saves and everything else) format your memory stick and the iso folder should show up. I don't think there is a app for that. Come to think of it, you don't really need it. If you don't have cfw and have ofw (official firmware from sony), I don't think yet that you can operate homebrew on it. Good luck.

PSP Game Formats For PSP?

*.cso and *.iso are the formats of the psp games

You use psp firmware 5.50 whenever you copy iso or cso file in psp it cannot display on its screenwhy it causes?

ISO and CSO (compressed ISO) can only be played on CFW (custom firmware) or (i think) version 1.50 official firmware. You CANNOT downgrade to an earlier custom firmware or software sit until a newer custom firmware is available. You will have to make a Pandora Battery and a Magic Memory Stick. Basically you have to open up a PSP battery and cut a certain peg. The magic memory stick is alot easier and doesn't pose a threat to the PSP. Watch a tutorial on youtube for the Pandora Battery so you don't stuff up, there is a different method for the PSP Slim battery and the PSP Phat one.

How do you install an iso game in psp?

You need to have a custom firmware to put iso/cso games. 1. put your psp in usb cable. 2. make a folder name " ISO". 3. go to Websitef to get your games then put it in the folder. 4. exit out then press select the you go to the 4th row the go to the secong last and put it no umb sony. 5. then you go to ur game folder and there you go ur iso/cso.

How do you play iso games on PSP 3.71 version?

ISO games can be played on the PSP running a 3.71 version firmware as long as the device has been modified. Games will have to be loaded onto a plugged-in SD card to be played.

When you copy a game to your psp and it is a 6.20 version It always says corrupted data when its a ISO file?

That sounds right to me. You need to downgrade your custom firmware to a lower version. Find out how to do this at