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i personally use a program called unLZ-gba. Google it for a tutorial

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How can you put Pokemon sprites on Pokemon emerald?

You can't.

How do you put Pokemon sprites on pivot?

on pivot press file and then there will be a option saying insert sprites and you would be able to put in any sprites you want.

How do you use sprites in Pivot 2.2.5?

i think you can only put sprites in on 3.1 beta

How do you get a igglybuff in emerald?

You cant get igglybuff, i can get one because i got a hack version of emerald. But what i know is you have to trade a male and a female jigglypuff from leafgreen or firered. Then you put them at the daycare to breed. If this still cant, then you have to figure it out by yourselves.

How do you use sprites from the Internet?

What do you intend on doing with them? For comics you just take the sprites and put them in paint. For a game you must have a program to insert them.

Where can you put plants in Pokemon emerald?

You can put plants in your secret bases in emerald

On Pokemon emerald how do you get the wailmers out of the way?

put one of your strong Pokemon in the front of your party then use (a) repel(s) (this should get rid of all Pokemon temporarily). or hack.

How do you download free pivot 3 sprites?

You can make sprites or get them of MAKE= get a picture put it in paint save it and go to pivot press load sprites. DOWNLOAD= go to google and to and just click on it and press open or save. Some times it will be sprites or sometimes it will be STKs

Where can you find Pokemon sprites?

Type into google 'cave of dragonflies sprites' and click first one. then click on first frame for the game u want. download it then press 'extract all files' and put them all in a new folder. You now have all the sprites! :)

Where to download wizard 101 rank hack?

go to download wizard101 rank hack on goggle put that and put I'm feeling lucky and there is the page

What do you put into the emerald thing?

A ring on it!

How do you hack a Nintendo 3ds and put sype on it?

you can't

How do you put Pokemon sprites on the internet?

If you have the sprites on your computer, simply get yourself an account at an image-hosting site, like the below site.Wait wheres the siteUnder "Related Links". Look under the answer, and scroll a bit if you have to.

If you put a Pokemon emerald game in a ds and a Pokemon platinum game in another ds can the accounts in each game battle or trade?

No. But if you put Emerald and Platinum in the same DS you can migrate pokémon from Emerald to Platinum.

If you had your taxes put on your hr block emerald card is that considered direct deposit for your stimulus check?

It depends. For more information go to the H & R Block website: They have a podcast that explains it all. Or you can contact the H & R Block site that filed your tax return.

Were do you put your hacks for combat arms? as of sep 21 2009for this hack you can put it anywhere

Can you burn a mw2 hack onto a disc then put it in your ps3?

No you only can put it on a usb stick

How do you put the master code on Pokemon emerald?

with a gameshark.

Where can you put your poster in Pokemon Emerald?

In your secret base.

How do you put in master balls in Pokemon emerald?

You don't.

How do you put codes into Wii?

If you want to hack the Wii, download the Homebrew Channel using the Twilight Hack using an SD card.

Can you put Pokemon emerald in a DS?

yes put it in the game boy game slot

How do you make action replay codes for Pokemon Emerald work?

You have to download Pokemon Emerald 386 and put the cheat on it

Is there a mewthreex in Pokemon LeafGreen?

no there isn't that is unless you were to hack your game and put it in there

How do you hack wins on territory war online?

Hacking wins on Territory WAR Online (T.W.O) Is hard. First, when your logging in, put the & Symbol after you put in your Username. Then you put in a code. (I dont know the Code) and put your Pass and LogIn. You then will have your regular wins added with a bunch or 0's. For example, If i have 5 wins and use the hack, i will have 50000000 wins. And, when you use the hack there will be NaN for your loses. It means Not a Number and its for hiding your real loses. The codes to hack are Symbols that are not even on the KeyBoard.