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you will need action replay, game shark, and some other hack thingy.

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Q: How do you put codes on Pokemon games?
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Do you have to add codes to Ultimate codes for Pokemon?

No,but you can put codes your Ultimate Codes for Pokemon for gba

How do you type in codes in Pokemon trading card games?

You Have to put the code that came with the cards

What are Pokemon codes?

Pokemon codes are the codes you put in a action repley to get money, Pokemon, HMs and TMs, shiny Pokemon and complete your pokedex

How do you put in friend codes in Pokemon Emerald?

Friend Codes are only for Nintendo DS/Wii games. Pokémon Emerald is a GBA game and does not incorporate friend codes.

Where do you put codes in on the Pokemon global link?

You must click on 'promotions' to put in the codes.

How do you get codes for Pokemon diamond?

just get codes and put it in your ar

Where do you put in action replay codes on Pokemon black?

put it on your computer enter the codes and walah

Cheat codes for breeding legendary Pokemon on diamondpearl?

they do too!!!!!!!!!! how do you not know that Pokemon games have cheat codes

Where do you put GameShark codes on Pokemon?

on the gameshark

Pokemon Pearl GameShark codes exist?

There isn't a gameshark for Pokemon pearl but you can get an action replay to put codes on.

What are the codes for the Pokemon pack on the Pokemon website?

You have to buy packs to get the codes. The codes are all unique. Do not try to cheat to get codes. It's unfair to other players who support the pokemon company for the games they produce.

Are there any cheat codes in Pokemon games?

alright go to game winners and get as many cheats u need yes there are cheat codes in Pokemon games.

How do I put codes on my action replay for Pokemon FireRed?

You can only use Nintendo DS games with Action Replay, AKA, AR.

Pokemon pearl- how do you put in codes?

type them in

How do you put Pokemon codes in?

through the Action Replay

Where can you put in codes in Pokemon diamond?

in the title screen

What in the world is action replay for Pokemon?

Action Replay is a device that will give you cheats to put onto certain games, but you have to finds the codes to put into it before you can use it, you also have to use a Master Code. Which will make the codes work.

How do you put in cheat codes in Pokemon platinum?

First, get a cheaating device of some sort. press enter codes and put them in.

How do you put in codes in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to purchase an action replay. then, you can type in and research Pokemon platinum action replay codes.

Why do wonder mail s codes in Pokemon explorers of sky not work?

If your using the older codes or codes from a diffrent version of the Pokemon games then that's why they don't work.

How do you put in codes for Pokemon naranja?

there is no such game i have all of them and that is not one

Is there a code to receive all Pokemon?

no you have to put in separate codes

Where do you put in cheat codes into Pokemon emerald?

On an action replay

Can you put codes on Pokemon LeafGreen with ar?

if you have an AR for the gba

How do you put Pokemon cheat codes in?

You need the action replay.