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click create post and there is a little button on the right under the title that says html. simply click it, paste the code of the emoticon, and save the post.

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Just use the basic text emoticons like ':)'.

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Q: How do you put emoticons in Tumblr posts?
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No one person has made a million posts on Tumblr. However, the site itself receives 90 million posts every day.

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You can link your twitter account with your tumblr by following these simple steps Go to your Tumblr account > Dashboard > Services > Sign in with Twitter > Click "Allow" to grant Tumblr access to your twitter account > Check "send my tumblr posts to Twitter" And that's it, all your posts in Tumblr will automatically tweeted.

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Their posts are streamed to your dashboard

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7154.54.2541.00 Post You Can Up To .

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You can't... they're deleted.

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