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you go up to the search and click the drop down arrw and then click music and search the artists name and click on his/her profile and then click on the song you want on your profile and click the ADD button then you click the drop down arrow and clck profile playlist and then that's it and you have tha song on there...i hp

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Q: How do you put music on MySpace using a song URL?
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How do you put music on friendster using a song URL?

Just find a song you like get the URL and past in "Media section"

What is Miranda Cosgrove official MySpace page and Her music page url?

Miranda Cosgrove Onley Has Two Real Myspace Wish Is Her Music Page And Her Official Myspace Page For Fands Here Are Her two Url: Her Music Page Url Is......> And Her Official Myspace Page Is.......> And Thows Are Her Onley Two Real Myspaces!

How do you get the url for a picture on MySpace?

How do you get the url for a picture on MySpace?

How do you find a URL for a song on MySpace?

go to there profile and then write under their picture it says url:and then it has their url.

How do you put music on Blogger using a song URL?

Login to bloggerClick on edit profileScroll down till you find "Audio clip URL"Insert the URL and click save

How do you get a song URL from somebodys MySpace page?

Right click the link for 'properties'. NOW

Whats the URL code for MySpace for burnin up music video?

Well you have to go to and listen to the video; Upload video on photobucket or tinyPic and it will give you the Url code for facebook;myspace;; Ect

What is Mandy van duyne's MySpace url?

Mandy's MySpace URL is

What is the url for MySpace?

I put the URL in the Related Links, just go on ahead and click on MySpace

Whats Triple H's MySpace URL?

He does not have myspace

What is D-Pryde's MySpace URL?

His MySpace URL is xoxo Roxanne K.

How do you put music on your view more pictures section on MySpace?

<bgsound src="URL HERE" loop="-1">

What Is Snoop Dogg's Sons MySpace URL?

You can find his REAL myspace URL here: That page has a list of official myspace pages for celebrities. It has his URL listed under Corde Broadus.

Whats lewislegends MySpace URL?

Hii the URL to his myspace is. Hope that awnserd your question :D

How Do You Hide the url on MySpace 2.0?

This link explains how to hide your URL in myspace 20.

What is Demi Lovato's official MySpace?

Her official myspace URL is

What is Jesse McCartney's MySpace?

Here's the URL for his myspace:

How does one hide a MySpace url from a blog?

There are a few sites now which will cloak a URL. Use one of the cloaking websites for links to hide the myspace URL for your blogs and other contents.

Can you set your URL on MySpace?

This link explains how to set your myspace URL, but remember, once its set you can not change it. Myspace will make you start a whole new account if you want to change it, so choose a URL wisely.

How do you link a website to your MySpace Profile?

<a href="YOUR URL HERE"></a> and you just copy and paste your URL in the YOUR URL HERE. if you wan to add in words to be click able like "my myspace" put it between the ><

Does your MySpace URL become your display name?


On MySpace if the friends are hidden how do you look at them?

you have 2 look at there URLyou have 2 look at there URL

What is Kristen Stewarts Official MySpace URL?

Yes Kristen Stewart does have her own myspace URL i know because she is my friend on myspace. It If you want to add me as a frin go to

How do you put music on a picture comment?

What you have to do first is upload the song into a site like or . After that, you should have a URL that goes with the song. However, the URL is gonna be too long, because the captions for pics only allow 50 characters. What you do then is you go to and they will shorten it for you. Once you have your shorter URL, put it into this code: <bgsound src="URL" loop="-1"> Paste the code into any caption on your myspace pics. =) Note: The song will only play while in Internet Explorer, not Firefox or any other browser.

Do Snoop Dogg's son Corde have a Youtube URL?

yes he does its the same as hes myspace URL