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Put music on your sd card and put it in your phone

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what you need to do is buy songs from samsung music store then it will only take a few minutes to set it up

yes but i cant figuer out to put one on

you dont. you put your music on the memory card and put it in the phone

yes samsung reality is way better then samsung seek

Yes, Samsung Seek can play movies. It plays movies on 32p/3gpp. It also plays music as long as it is in mp3 format. SO if the music you want to play from Spears are in mp3 format, you should not have any problems playing them.

You put your memory card in your computer, download the songs on your computer and put it in the memory card. You can download .mp3's to your micro SD card. After you transfer the songs, turn off your Seek and power it back on and it will automatically update your playlist and your songs will be available!

Yes, but it requires a microSD card to store music files.

In order to put music from a CD onto a Samsung Galaxy Ace II, you will need to download the music from the CD onto the hard drive of your computer. From there, you can transfer the music to your phone.

use ur sd card and go to

Yes you can put music on it. but what is required to do so is a memory card and a USB adapter

you have to put the music on a flash drive then ,using a computer, put it on the phone.

The Samsung Seek is 4.1 inches long by 2.1 inches wide.

yes, at , type in 'Samsung Seek'. There will be about 12 pages of cases, and screen protectors..

you have to get a micro sd card then it should work

you can go to i get some app for my seek ......

Go to m. then go to Samsung seek movies They'll be a list of available movies

As far as i know no the Samsung Seek will not come in pink for Boost Mobile. But they do have it in red.

how to install a video music on samsung f480

You cannot obtain free music on your Samsung Rant. You must pay for the music.

Yes you can put music on the A177. Theres no SD card included, But you can buy a USB charger and download music. Another way is you can email yourself songs directly to the a177

If you're talking about lyrics to music, the music file that you put on the phone has to have a lyrics file attached to it and sync it to the phone.

how do i download music to samsung messager phone from computer

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