How do you put pictures on to your memory card if it has internal memory?

Cameras will typically prefer to store pictures on a memory card if one is present inside of the device. However, if a memory card isn't present, it will attempt to use any available internal storage. Transferring files from the internal memory to a memory card will be different and may not even be easy to do (it all depends on your camera).

One thing you can do, if the files are stored on your internal memory, is to remove any memory cards that exist, and plug the camera into the computer with the camera power ON. The camera will usually show up as a drive under 'My Computer', and you can then move the files from your camera onto your computer.

Once you are done, you can then try to power the camera off, insert a memory card into it. And then power it on. You may be able to move files onto your memory card this way. If your computer has a memory card slot, you can also just insert the memory card into the slot and move pictures onto it that way.