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Click on 'Change Starter' on the menu to the left. Then click the letter of the Pokemon's name that you want. Under the Pokemon, it will say 'Move to Roster Slot 1 2 3 4 5 6'. Just choose which one you want.

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How do you get Pokémon off your roster in Pokémon tppc?

You must exchange your starter Pokemon for others while in "change starter". But you can never remove Pokemon from your roster because you must have 6 Pokemon at all times.

Is there any Pokemon multiplayer games?

TPPC pokemon, unluckily Pokemon crater shut down quite a while back now, its such a shame especially when you have 6 shiny/dark etc lvl 100's now someone is trying to remake it... but it won't let you agree with terms and conditions or log in... If you have any questions about TPPC you can e-mail me at

How do you get Pokemon out of the box on TPPC?

you click change startter and then in the bocx with the alphabet click the letter that it starts with and the Pokemon will appear above the box and below it should be 1-6 and click the number that you want it to go into

How do you beat tppc legend in tppc?

Get a giratina level 500 Moveset Iceball Double Team Cosmic Powers Dragon dance Item leftovers Method double team 6 times cosmic powers 6 times dragon dance 6 times then ice ball your way through em all Notes if your giratina dies gets burnt or paralysed start over this might take a few attempts to work as sometimes u get more bad luck than good and yes all it takes is 1 pokemon to defeat tppc legend

What is an active football roster?

The active roster is the list of 47 players who are activated for game play. The full team roster included 53 man roster and the 6 man practice squad.

How do you trade to get a Charmander?

If you have Pokemon FireRed, you can get it, catch 6 more Pokemon, put them in the PC Box, and then trade them through.

When you put honey on a tree how long does it take for a Pokemon to come in Pokemon platinum?

Its 12 in Diamond and pearl, 6 in Platinum

How come you cant log in to tppc?

It may be because you need to reactervate your account because you havent logged in for 6 or more months!

How many chickens do you need to keep two roster busy?


Can you trade Pokemon from ruby to sapphire?

Of course you can! You can trade any Pokemon from your Ruby game to these games: Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Fire Red version, Pokemon Leaf Green version, Pokemon Emerald, and if you put any of these games in the bottom of you ds, and if you beat Diamond, Pearl or Platinum you can transfer 6 Pokemon from the Gamboy Advanced game and put it in your ds game. BUT IF YOU DO THIS YOU CAN NOT PUT THE POKEMON BACK! I hoped this helped you! Have fun! ----Tamaki242

Who is number 6 for the Indianapolis Colts?

Dan Orlovsky is number 6 on the Indianapolis Colts 2011 roster.

What Pokemon will you get if i put sapphire version is in the gba slot in Pokemon diamond?

You'll get 6 Pokemon of the player's choice that were originally on the Pokemon Sapphire cartridge... but only if you choose to import them to Pal park.

Who is the tallest player currently on the New York Yankees?

The tallest player on the Yankees active roster is pitcher C.C Sabathia at 6' 7".On their 40-man roster it's pitcher Dellin Betances at 6' 8".

How do you trade emerald Pokemon to platinum?

first capture 6 Pokemon,and then put them in PC boxes(must be from Pokemon emerald) then save. Next put Pokemon emerald in the slot feature. Insert Pokemon platinum to the ds slot. choose Pokemon platinum. then choose migrate from emerald(you must have national dex to do this) choose the 6 Pokemon. go to pal park. participate in a catching show. catch them and voila! you migrated them and captured them,too(migrating is the same as trading) Hope this helps!

What 6 Pokemon do you need for the Pokemon league?

Any 6 Pokemon you choose

How do you migrate in Pokemon HeartGold?

well you have to put your Pokemon gamepak at the bottom of your ds then put on heart gold then go in find migrate to game click 6 Pokemon in your PC boxes after that go to fuchsia city go to pal park catch the Pokemon you migrated and there you have it you migrated to you heartgold and this also works with Pokemon diamond Pokemon pearl Pokemon platinum Pokemon heart gold and Pokemon soulsilver hope i helped

How do you put Pokemon out of your team in Pokemon vortexorg?

you need to have at least 6 pokemon in your team then swap them around for others when you catch more. to swap your team around you must have atleast 7 pokemon #. hope it helped. :) PSN: The__TBL

Even when you put honey on a tree and wait 10 minutes a Pokemon wont appear why?

At least 6 hours

Which 6 Pokemon migrate?

any 6 Pokemon you want

What does the phrase There are not 6 Pokemon in the box mean?

It means that when your trying to migrate, you put the Pokemon u want in the box and there has to be six. So say u have 7 Pokemon then u put one u don't want in ur party and the one u do want in the boxes.

How do you get Pokemon on national pokedex?

from the fight area to the survival area and you may also migrate from ruby sapphire emerald migrate is to put Pokemon ruby sapphire emerald instead of the cover but you must put 6 Pokemon in the PC in ruby sapphire emerald then select in Pokemon platinum migrate from ruby or sapphire or emelard

How do you get Pokemon to migerat?

Migrating Pokemon can be difficult, put your gba Pokemon game in the slot in the DS put your DS Pokemon version in its slot turn on the DS make sure the GBA game is saved at a Pokemon center with the Pokemon you want to migrate in your PC once you save save your game in your DS Pokemon version then choose migrate follow the instructions and you must then choose the 6 Pokemon you want to migrate remember none can have HM moves.

Can migrate 6 Pokemon in 1 day?

You can first you need too put the game in your DS.Then turn it on and you will see Migrate from game. Push it and you will be able to migrate six pokemon.

How can you migrate Pokemon from emerald to rom of platinum?

put emerald in gba slot, then on main menu, say migrate from emerald, choose your 6 pokemon, then go to pal park to get them.

Where in Pokemon platinum can you get a burmy?

put some honey on a tree and wait 6 hours then check the tree. hopefully its a burmy

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