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go to action replay7 seconds then put your game in and then that's it!!NEVER

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Q: How do you put the already loaded cheats on to your game?
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Does AR Dsi already have all cheats for a game put on it?

No. You have to put in the complex codes in, and put down what game, and what cheat, or you can plug it into the computer and update it.

How do you put in cheats without an action replay?

It depends on the game. go to it is loaded with cheats to put it on it is easy if there is a code. you just enter it. BEWARE they told me at game stop if you enter it incorrect it could screw up your ds

How do you put Pokemon Pearl codes in the game?

Well first i Recommend you buy Action replay, it already has some pre loaded cheats on there, where you can level your Pokemon faster gain infinite money and walk through walls, theres a tutorial on how to add more cheats on action replay's website if youd like to take a look at that too.

How do you put cheats onto your r4?

there already on it

How do you use action replay ds E2?

ok so you put in the action replay when it is fully loaded take it out put the chosen game in and if it dosent have eney cheats on the action replay it will saty in the little bar one the top screen if it acseps it the game go to the star on the bottem left press it and all the cheats that that game has will be displayed press the star again to slect the cheats you disire when you've got all the cheats you want press start button and cheat away

How do you put in cheats for the Nintendogs?

You can't just put cheats into the game. The game developers are the only ones that can. They do it when the game has not been released yet. There are many questions on WikiAnswers about cheats for Nintendogs, but honestly, none exist.

Where do you find cheats for worlds hardest game?

Search The name of your game and put "cheats" after it for instance:God of war cheats

How do you upload AR cheats into your DS?

just put it in then at the home page take it out then put in the game you wanna put the cheats on

Can you activate cheats on a Nintendo DS with out an action replay?

No, unless the game has specific cheats built in by the producer of the game, you will need an Action Replay to put cheats in your game.

Where do you put Pokemon cheats at on Pokemon Pearl?

For Using Cheats ...You will Need Action Replay which Is Available In any Game Stores...Just Put It In The Game Slot And Add some cheats And you Can now cheat...

How do you disable transformers 2 cheats?

To disable cheats and go multiplayer you have to restart the game . Just take out the game and put it back in :D

Does Star Wars the force unleashed still autosave after you put in cheats?

Star Wars the Force Unleashed is an action game for the Xbox. The game will not still autosave after you put in cheats.

How do you put in action replay codes in on Pokemon diamond?

I only know how to put cheats with the new action replay first you go to thecode list menu on the game you want to the cheats on then select the cheats that you wanna put the cheats on then take out your action replay and put in the game then on the bottom screen there should be a red button that says start tap that button then u could play the game with the cheats that you selected. but they dont work on TTDS and R4DS

How do you hack a Game Boy advance Sp?

well first you have to do is nothing because you cant hack a game boy with out a game shark so first buy a game shark then put the cord in your computer and down lode the cheats then put it in your game boy then start the game up and select the cheats so you actually cant hack a game boy you get cheats

How do you put cheats for gta Chinatown wars?


How do you put in Pokemon Ruby cheats?

a game shark

Where do you put the cheats code at on persona 3 portable?

first you must already have CW Cheats, and using that app you can cheating in psp

How do you put in cheats in Pokemon HeartGold?

Dude, to put cheats in ANY game for DS you need an action replay. Everyone knows that!You have to buy them.

How do you put in cheats for Star Wars battlefront 2?

you must pause the game and enter the cheats if you would like cheats just ask me or go on a cheats website (:

How do you put fake Pokemon in the game?

you need to use cheats.

Where do you put Cubelands cheats in?

Just type it in when you open the game

What is another name for game shark?

all a game shark dose is let you put cheats into your game

What cheats are already on the action replay when you buy it?

None. You have to put them in through your computer yourself.

How do you put in cheats for Pokemon soul silver?

cheats are for losers acutally play the game like everybody else

How do you disable alt cheats Grand Theft Auto 4?

There is no way to disable cheats in GTA 4 after you put them in your game. If you save before you use the cheats and not save after you use them, they will not be there when you start the game again.