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How do you quit drugs?

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February 24, 2009 3:08PM

You have to want to. You also have to basically give up any of the current "friends" you have - basically clean house of people that you have had "drug" contact with. Then you seek help. Help is individual for each person - for some a live in rehab is what is needed and others could go to meetings and have a sponsor (clean/sober person to call or be with if you feel the need to use) You could also speak with your doctor. Maybe you have family that would also be willing to help but coming out is hard if they do not know (usually they have an idea though if you think they don't know) and they may be able to help. Another way would be to go to the drug rehabilitation centre voluntarily. The social workers there will help sort of "brainwash" you to quit drugs, by telling you the harmful effects of drugs and whatsoever.

You would have to find which way would help you best. Good Luck you can do it!! oh! and if you don't YOU WILL DIE,so be strong...or else