How do you raise your self-esteem?

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Depends on what your selfconcious about if it's your intelligence, learn to learn, if it's your physical appearance then learn how to work out. the key for It to work though is to learn how to do both these things when it comes down to it these activities are really skills some people have put more time towards one skill over the other. And if your worried that your not a good person then volunteer it literally makes you feel like a better person. If your self-esteem is low because of another reason let me know and If I know I'll answer it if I can help you

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What is the internal conflict in The Skin I'm In?

Maleeka has selfesteem issues

Which feminist wrote that American women had a problem with selfesteem?

. Betty Friedan

What is it called when a person believes and swears they're ugly when he or she is really handsome or really beautiful?

Low selfesteem.

How do you boost your selfesteem?

You can boost your self esteem by telling yourself that you are pretty and smart everyday. You can also do one thing a day that you are good at to remind yourself how good you are at something.

Relationship between selfesteem and depression among women?

Women with a poor self-esteem most often tend to also suffer from depression and a poor image of themselves.

Why is self-esteem important for students?

selfesteem is important to students because some student need to momorize tings alot of time and speacially near the tests

IS low selfesteem bad WHY?

YES VERY BAD BECAUSE YOU'LL ALWAYS BE IN DEPRESSION!! =] LIKE SOMEONE I KNOW (me)!!! Because you don't want a low selfsteem you want a selfsteem that is in the middle!

Feelings of inadequacy low selfesteem and lack of control of ones life can contribut to eating disorders?

That is one of the leading causes of eating disorders. In fact I think that is essentially the only thing.

What behavior does one exihibit if they have a super ego but low selfesteem?

Most people who have a big ego but really have a low self esteem are usually insecure. They have a big ego to compensate for their insecurities.

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having a low value or self worth,feeling worthless unimportant.

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