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I would 1st audition for a commercial ad... if you did not make it, don't sweat it... but if you did- you have a better chance of getting an agent or becoming a Disney channel or nickelodean star.... try to look on the internet for agents or even look in the newspaper ... make sure the agent lives pretty close or you'll have to drive to her house a lot... if she does live far away,,, the maybe you could meet up at a Star bucks or something... what really stinks is that i called a Disney channel station 1 time and left a message. and when they called back i didn't answer when they were going to let me play the roll of Lizzie on life with Derek.... that's ok though I'll find another way,,, so then you just wait to see what your agent can find and sooner or later you'll be on the big screen. never give up and remember nobody can picture the future so don't trust them because when your on the big screen all those people who denied you will regret that they ever tried to stop you from your dream****

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Q: How do you reach a Disney Channel agent?
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When and how can you audition to be a Disney Channel star?

You need a agent and ask them to look for Disney channel auditions. I want to be a Disney channel star too but i live in England what should I do.YOU Should probably look for another company to work with.You don't only need an agent don't have to have an agent to get a Disney Channel audition.

How can you get an agent to become a Disney Channel actor?

any agent will work.

Do you need an agent to audition for Disney?

No, you do not need an agent to audition, but it would probably be easier to find auditions for Disney Channel if you had an agent.

How do you get hired by Disney channel?

You could get an agent and if your home is in America look for any auditions that are for Disney channel and go

What is a Disney channe agent?

a Disney channel talent is someone that helps you find auditions for Disney

How do you get on Disney channel?

Go to Mandy's Film and TV Production Directory website and search Disney Channel. It's a really great website to get to know about auditions. If you have an agent, ask them what a good start in your career would be. If it's not Disney channel right away, try what your agent suggests, and if you succeed, ask your agent if a good thing to audition for would be Disney channel. If you really want to be on Disney channel and you don't have an agent, I highly suggest you get one! Good luck and remember, you've got to be in it to win it!

How do you become a singer on Disney channel?

Get an agent and if you are good they will get you jobs with Disney and in other places.

How can one apply for an audition for the Disney Channel?

One can apply for an audition for the Disney Channel by hiring an agent and create an account at Explore Talent. One can then send submissions for the Disney Channel.

Does any Disney channel stars play halo reach?

no because disney people are not bad but halo reach have guns and kill

What is the name of Perry's alter ego disney channel?

Agent P

How do you get a part on Disney channel shows?

Sign up with an agent. Disney works with them to acquire new talent.

How did Debby Ryan get on Disney Channel?

She has an agent and the agent sent her to auditions... and she auditioned and got the part...Debby Ryan was cast on The Suite Life on Deck after auditioning at a nationwide casting call for Disney Channel shows.

Where do you go to be on Disney channel?

First off all you need a talent agent...

Cant get agent can you still get Disney auditions?

If your auditioning for a role at one of the theme parks, you do not need an agent to audition. If you are auditioning for The Disney Channel or for a movie, I'd have to get back to you on that.

Can be famous on Disney channel with a click?

Nope. You have to keep working and working to reach there.

How did Jake T Austin get his aurdition for Disney channel?

he got an agent and then they got him the audition

Do you need a talent agent for Disney channel auditions?

Yes u need one

How do you get your child on the Disney channel?

Simple... get your son or daughter, or child, an agent. If you cant, it is advised. Secondly, you'll need to search for Disney Channel auditions. - is where Disney channel auditions are located. Good luck and become famous! -louisbrady :)

How do you get a Disney channle agent?

There's no such thing. You can go to the Disney channel open casting calls for ages 10-18 details on their website or just get an agent and a Disney channel opportunity might come along but if you want to be an actor don't get to caught up on specifics and if you're doing it just because you want to be on disney channel but aren't a committed actor the chances are you won't get many jobs

Are there some Disney channel auditions in Missouri?

There may be the odd open audition, but they are very rare. Your best chance of getting on Disney Channel is to be represented by a LA/California acting agent.

When are Disney CHannel Auditions?

You either need to get an agent, and he/she will tell you when auditions are. Or you need to look them up.

Which channel will Disney XD be on?

well you can find it on Disney channel and Disney channel +1

Which channel is Disney XD on?

On sky Disney xd is on channel 607.

How do people become actors for the Disney channel?

The audtion at Disney. They also have an agent or some form of acting experience. (even if it is a school play)

Who is Disney channel?

disney channel is not a person, it is a channel on tv!