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Go to and there is a procedure to repair the headlights. You can also go to click on the Forum link and do a search.

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Q: How do you rebuild headlights on a 1988 Buick Reatta using a light kit?
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Where is the horn located on a 1991 Buick reatta?

Under the hood, at the front of a 1990 Buick Reatta, the horn is located on the driver's side, behind the fog light and mounted to the frame. If you lay down at the front of the car and look up under the fog light, you will see the horn.

97 Buick regal gs?

my buick will not start ,gear shift will not move, no cranking sound, all I get is light on dashboard . horn works , headlights work, battery is new(less than 1 mth old) my buick will not start ,gear shift will not move, no cranking sound, all I get is light on dashboard . horn works , headlights work, battery is new(less than 1 mth old)

Why did headlights go out in your 67 Buick Skylark?

In those older cars, if one light goes out, they all go out. The newer cars have independent circuitry.

Is there a way to turn off your headlights at night 99 buick century?

if you have the owners manual it tells you how to change (turn off) the auto lights on setting basically turn the light control knob

Why would headlights be dim?

The headlight fixture probably contains moisture on the inside. When the headlights are "on", the moisture clouds the light beam, diffusing the light.

Where is the backup light switch on a 2001 Buick century?

Where is the backup light switch on a 2002 buick century?

What will happen if you traveled in a car that goes the speed of light and turn on the headlights?

You'll see the beam of light move out ahead of you at the speed of light. Also, anybody in the path of the light from your headlights will see the beam of light from your headlights move past him at the speed of light, no matter how fast he may be moving.

How many headlights must your car have?

You must have two headlights, all other lights are in fact not headlights and just additional light aids.

If you are traveling at the speed of light and you turn on your headlights what will happen?

If you leaned out of your car and meaured the speed of the light coming out of the headlights, you would find that it's leaving you at the speed of light.

How do you reset engine light in 2008 buick lucerne?

how do you reset check engine light in 2008 buick lucerne

How do you turn securty light off on 1989 Buick Rhetta?

how do you turn off security light on 1989 Buick Rhetta

How do you replace a backup light on a 2009 Buick enclave?

how do you change a back up light bulb on a 2008 buick enclave

Security light in 1999 Buick regal?

Why is my security light on and will not let my key come out of the ignition. 1999 buick regal

Why has the 1999 Buick headlights stopped working?

Could be several things, first check all fuses also check that the headlights are not burned out by borrowing one that fits your car or if you have a multimeter you can check voltage on wires when you remove one headlight, if it still does not work check light switch could be gone bad.

Your headlights dont work in your 97 eclipse?

check the fudes check headlights for power then check light switch

How do you replace the third brake light on a 2005 Buick lacrosse?

How do you replace the third rear brake light in a 2005 buick allure

What is the exclamation light on the dash of the 1998 Cadillac Catera?

I think the exclamation light is the light for you to turn on you headlights.

What kind of energy does headlights of a car have?

light energy

How do you replace the illumination light for the headlights on the dashboard?


What is the cause of non'working headlights?

burned out light bulb

If your car was going at the speed of light and you turned on your headlights what would happen?

Your headlights would come on and the light would speed ahead of the car at 186,282 miles per second.

Please 1999 jeep grand Cherokee why does your right brake light turn off when headlights are on?

This will happen if the ground terminal for the brakelight bulb is connected to the power side by accident. If you have a 3 wire socket or light assembly with GROUND, TAIL, and BRAKE wires two of them are wired incorrectly. When the headlights are off the brake light is finding ground thru the filaments of the headlights. Since the headlights have much heavier filaments, they provide a good ground for weaker brake light. When power is on the headlights the brake light will have power on both sides, so no current flows and it goes out.

Why does your clockradio light switch off when the headlights are put on?

They as designed to "dim" when headlights are on to reduce "glare" try adjusting dash dimmer switch

What would cause a 92 Buick Park Avenue to have the headlights turn on when needed but sometimes they won't turn off and how do you take out the head light switch in the door?

The car has automatic headlights....they go on and off when it gets light or dark out...they will also stay on for up to 3mins after you shut the car off depending on how the twilight sentenal switch is adjusted. And to take out the headlight switch in the door you have to take apart the door pannel

Why would both headlights on a 1978 Buick Skylark go out if one of the headlights is about six months old and you still have parking lights?


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