How do you receive a kiss?

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With your lips

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Q: How do you receive a kiss?
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What does the first baby born in the us receive?

a kiss

How can you tell if your brothers friend likes you?

By the passion in the kiss you receive... ;-)

Under what plant are you likely to receive a kiss at Christmas?


5 What gift do you get if you kiss the Blarney Stone?

If you kiss the Blarney stone you will receive that gift of gab. Which means you will be very talkative.

What is a gift a person would receive if you kiss the blarney stone?

The Gift of Gab!

What does Anne frank receive from Peter for the first time in her life?

First kiss

Is it okay to give a kiss on the cheek for a first kiss?

Yes, it is a good way to prepare yourself for your first kiss on the lips. It is best to make sure that you are ready before you actually do receive your first kiss on the lips.

If you kiss a blarney stone in Ireland what gifts are you supposed to receive?

you receive "the gift of the gab" - the gift of being able to speak freely about any subject

Why close your eyes to receive a kiss?

Why would you stare at someone that is an inch from you? and it would look creepy.

Is it bad luck to have outside nose itch?

There are several beliefs about an itching nose, not all of them bad. If your noses itches you will: - receive a letter. - get into an argument. - meet a new lover. - receive a kiss. There is an old Canadian rhyme that says. 'You'll be mad, See a stranger, kiss a fool, or be in danger."

What does Anne receive from Peter for the first time in her life?

a person she could trust and love... not to mention her first kiss =P

How do you get troll kisses on babydow?

. I just got a troll kiss like 10 minutes ago. You have to cuddle elfs and trolls a lot to receive a kiss. This can happen at any time. Check your messages when you cuddle and elf or a troll and see if you have a letter from Babydow stating you have received a kiss.

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