How do you receive sensational wedgies?

just make sure u are not on your period and wear a thong or a g string as it feels sexier. then if u have a boyfriend or a girlfriend let them give you several short, swift, sharp tugs on the back of your pants. after it has gone as far up your crack as is desired then undig the pants and do again. can be pleasure increased by sliding foam or squishy fruit down the fornt side and back of the underwear. if u are feeling brave you could use this as a part of bondage sex and let them tie u up or hang you from the bedpost. they could also blindfold u 2 make u more vulnerable and throw things at u. when u have had enough or the thong or g string starts to feel as if it could rip soon, let them gently lower u down from the bedpost or banister make sure u are not expecting any visitors otherwise they would be getting a nasty shock when they walk through the door lol and carry on with the sharp and quick tugs on the back of the thong or the g string. if they are really feeling adventurous they could tug the sides and-or the fornt as well although this can cause a great deal of uncomfort for boys because it twists and squashes the testicles together and can cause a painful burning sensation. next if they are up for it stand face to face close together and suddenly reach up around their back and then yank and i mean yank on the middle of the back of their sexy underwear. again if you are feeling adventurous or want to be a little bit naughty, u could kneel and use your teeth to yank the undies up as far as the crack will let them. stop if you feel the material begin to rip.

i love the feeling of the pulling from the front, i am a girl.