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read the label under the hood and see if its 134A or r12 if its r12 you have to take it to a certified ac technician if its 134A you can buy the can yourself and atach it 2 the big line of your ac system turn the canister upside down and fill but if your low on charge you have a problem that needs fixed REfrigerant does not just dissapear Even if it has R12 - just get a retro-fit kit for converting R12 systems to R134a, eg. from interdynamics, sold at Walmart. In the kit is everything included you need and it is a easy do-it-yourself in half an hour.

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Q: How do you recharge the air conditioning system in your 93 Chevy blazer?
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How do you recharge air conditioning on 1998 Chevy lumina?

where are the ports to recharge the air conditioning on a 1998 chevy lumina car with a v6?

How do you recharge the air conditioner on a 1998 Chevy S-10 Blazer?

Connect your Freon bottle to the low pressure port on your 1998 Chevy S 10 Blazer air conditioning compressor. Discharge the Freon into the compressor. A recharge kit will make this process quite simple.

Where is the recharge port for 2003 Chevy blazer?

On the accumulator.

How do you recharge air conditioning system in a Chevy venture van?

i can,t find the acumalator on my 2002 Chevrolet venture

Chevy Impala ac recharge?

Attach the Freon bottle to the low pressure port on the air conditioning compressor. Release the Freon into the air conditioning system. A recharge kit can make this process very simple.

Air conditioning bracket removal for 2000 Chevy blazer?

Your 2000 Chevy Blazer air-conditioning bracket is held in place with for retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts with a 9/16 socket. The air-conditioning bracket will come off.

What type of air conditioning coolant does 1994 Chevy Blazer?


Where do you add air conditioning refridgerant on a 1992 Chevy blazer?

Into the low side service port.

1991 Chevy Suburban how do you recharge your ac?

Recharging the air conditioning is simple with a recharge kit. Connects the Freon bottle to the recharge port on the air conditioner compressor. Release the Freon into the compressor.

How do you recharge the AC on a 2002 Chevy trail blazer?

Purchase a recharge kit from your local auto parts store. The kit will come with all necessary materials and directions.

Cost of recharging air conditioning in 1500 Chevy pickup?

Evacuate and recharge, aprox $200 to $250 if there are no problems.

Where is the air conditioning coolant refill port located on a 1998 Chevy blazer?

There are two schrader / port valves to the air conditioning system. One will be a high pressure and the other will be a low pressure. You need a certified mechanic to check and refill the system. You can not simply refill the system.

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