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To record minecraft with FRAPS, simply press your record hotkey (usually F9) whilst in Minecraft. It will then record until you press your record hotkey again when it will stop.

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Q: How do you record minecraft windowed mode with fraps?
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How do you record minecraft windowed mode?

There are a couple ways, the most preferred and commonly accepted to Minecraft LPer's is a program called FRAPS. FRAPS costs $37 US Dollars, and below in the related links I have provided the FRAPS official website. If you cannot afford or do not wish to pay for a recording software, the next best method is Hypercam. Hypercam is completely free, and for the most part depends upon your graphics card and specs (lag = bad! Make sure you have a great computer, otherwise Hypercam is not for you). If you wish to improve the graphics, there is a codec called "DivX" and you should install that. I have all these listed in the related links below.

How can you make the game Medieval II Total War run in windowed mode?

change the line windowed = 0 to windowed = 1 in medieval2.preference.cfg. If you want to play with borderless windowed mode, add borderles_window=true below.

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Look in the graphics settings, there should be a windowed option.

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Turn the CD 2 in. Then go to Options and find Windowed Mode. First search in the options before questing.

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How do you get out of windowed PC in cod MW2?

If you are talking about windowed mode, press the Microsoft key(the flag) or alt+tab.

How can you play half life in windowed mode?

You can use the command line parameter "-window", "-sw", "-startwindowed", or "-windowed".

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You can use a program called Dxwnd.

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Download 3d analyzer

When you run a game without recording with fraps it works fine but when you try to record it the game says Error Failed to use 3d mode?

Fraps is a PC application used to record your screen during gameplay, and often times, if your computer is not up-to-date and its memory available, you might encounter errors trying to run the game or parts of it.

How can you launch Combat Arms in windowed mode and please confirm that it actually works?


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so yo can do other things on the computer quickly