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How do you recover music from mp3?


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Do you mean you have already deleted or lost some Songs off your MP3 player? If yes, then take a MP3 recovery tool as soon as possible before those songs are overwritten.

Also remember - not to save more files to the player before recovery.

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That really depends on the damages of the music player. If it is still recognized when you plug it into your computer, it is likely that you can recover the music. But if it is not recognized, you probably won't be able to recover it on your own.

You can get music on a mp3 by downloading it from internet.

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MP3 actually modifies the music file to convert them and make them compatible to MP3 compatible devices

Mp3 is a digital music compression format that allows you to download and play music.

mp3 is a music format. An ipod is an electronic equipment which can play mp3 music files among others.

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To convert Apple Music to MP3, you may need the help of an Apple Music Converter like Tunelf Audio Converter. It can help you download music from Apple Music to MP3 with ease and then you can listen to Apple Music on various devices.

You need to download music onto your computer and then download onto the mp3. You can also buy music off of the internet.

An mp3 is a portable music device, also known as a MPEG.

Hello, the mp3 enables you to listen to music that you have downloaded into it and it is portable

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Music can be transfered from a PS3 to an eclipse mp3 player by transfering your music via USB to your computer, and from the computer via USB to your eclipse mp3 player.

There are a few sites where one can download free mp3 music. One can download for free from sites like 'mp3 Lemon', 'Indiamp3', '' and 'Music Dumper'.

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You can download free MP3 music on Mac by accessing one of several free music sites or by creating an account with a free music site. You can also download free MP3 music on Mac by downloading a conversion software that lets you convert other musical formats to the MP3 format.

If you bought theCD and the MP3 player is yours than no it isn't illegal. Putting the music on someone elses MP3 player is illegal and\or selling your MP3 player with music on it is illegal. Hope this answers the question.

Yes as long as you have a MP3 USB cord and you have Music on your computer to put onto your MP3. I have a S3 and mine can.

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