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You could donate them to schools, daycares, Head Start programs, or almost anywhere young children do craft projects.

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You don't have to but you should to prevent waste in your school or even your community



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You can recycle them but some recycling factories don't take them, most factories dont

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Q: How do you recycle milk cartons?
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What is better to recycle plastic milk jugs or paper and plastic milk cartons?

They should all be recycled, as they can all be remade into the original items.

What can be used to day to day life for recycle paper?

Bathroom tissue, notebook paper, egg cartons, boxes, and milk containers.

What is a collective noun for cartons of milk?

There is no specific collective noun for cartons of milk, in which case, a noun suitable for the context of the sentence is used, for example a shelf of cartons of milk, a row of cartons of milk, etc.

Why can't you recycle juice and milk cartons?

What and how to recycle is different depending on where you live. Asceptic packaging such as milk and juice cartons are indeed accepted or required for recycling in some locales. The paper is high-quality virgin stock, and there is often a layer of valuable foil in juice boxes. In NYC, milk or juice cartons and drink boxes are placed in the same (blue-labeled) bin with other beverage containers, bottles & jars, metal and foil; you'll find more info at In other places, all recyclables are collected in the same bin. Check with your local authorities.

Are milk cartons made of biodegradable materials?

Older milk cartons were not made of biodegradable materials. The newest milk cartons that are produced are made of biodegradable materials.

Who uses recycled materials?

people uses recycled materials in many ways: 1.we can recycle papers 2.we can even recycle bottles THANK YOU

Are milk cartons to be put in paper or plastic?

milk cartons can be put into paper or plastic. Either one is fine.

Are foam egg cartons recycleable?

some are recyleable some are not the reason is the egg cartons that are recyleable are the ones with {the recycle sign} on the the egg cartons the ones that dont is not recyable.

Why are milk cartons important?

Milk stays fresh longer in cartons, over see-through containers which means it tastes better, for longer... Cartons are also more eco-friendly as opposed to plastic jugs. The down side is cartons are more expensive.

Are milk cartons recyclable?


Where is milk put into bottles or cartons?


What are milk cartons made out of?

ANSWER: Paper laminated with more paper, or made from paper pulp till the desired thickness is desired and then coated with a wax layer for protection. It is one of the easiest items to recycle.