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Add a link to their blog from your blog.

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Q: How do you redirect someone from your blog to another blog on Tumblr?
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Can I move my Tumblr blog to another account?


Do you blog about love on Tumblr?

You can blog about anything on tumblr.

What is a blog on Tumblr?

Just that. A blog on a site called tumblr.

What should I name your Tumblr blog?

you can't name my tumblr blog.

How do you change a blog on Tumblr to a different account?

You can't, you can only change the url to another account but not the blog itself.

What does reblog mean on Tumblr?

if someone posts something on their blog, you re-blog it and then it will appear on posted your own blog -- like re-tweet on twitter

How do re-post on another blog on Tumblr?

You just have to click on the picture and it will bring you to another page and on the top right coner there is a re blog button!

How do you promote someone on Tumblr?

You just make a post in which you tell your followers to follow that blog/person !

What type of blog is my Tumblr totallyevita Tumblr com?

At first glance it looks like a typical girl's blog.

Who has the best Tumblr blog?

Tumblr user Pizza is said to have the best humor blog and has even been nominated for the Shorty Awards.

What type of blog is Tumblr?

oh... its just the best blog ever!

What is the best blog websites for teens?

Tumblr by far. Tumblr's userbase is largely composed of teenagers.