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You can reduce organic matter by encouraging aerobic activity of the microbes in a septic system.

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Q: How do you reduce organic matter in waste water treatment?
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What is the name of waste treatment plant which involves combustion of organic materials?

waste incineration

What is the geographic location of Earthworms?

any soil with organic matter, or organic waste plus humidity....

Is sewage and wastewater treatment organic?

A lot of treatment of sewerage and waste water uses organic means however mechanical and filtration systems are also used.

Which type of waste treatment allows organic materials to decompose naturally?


The main source of organic matter in soil is what Water plants fungi bacteria?

organic matter is matter composed of organic compounds that has come from the remains of organisms such as plants and animals and their waste products in the environment

Define oxidation pond?

wastewater treatment ponds used to remove organic material and pathogens so as to reduce the BOD5 content before disharging the waste into the aquatic ecosystem are called Oxidation Ponds

Is organic waste renewable?

All over the country homes produce large amounts of organic waste. Unfortunately, when this waste becomes in the trash along with your other household waste, it will end up in a landfill. As organic waste decomposes, it will produce methane gas, which is very hazardous to the environment. However, by using different methods of handling your organic waste, you can protect the environment and even reduce the amount of waste generated each year in your home. We offer products and systems for converting organic waste to compost. Our solutions also include environment consultancy services and tank cleaning services. By the use of this product you can protect the environment and even reduce the amount of waste your household produces each year. For more info click hear For more info click hear smartenvirosystems

The material that is removed from the waste water in primary treatment is known as..?

Solids (organic and inorganic, settleable and floating) and oils are removed in primary treatment.

What is a barminutor?

its a special type of grinder used in waste water treatment plant to reduce the size of the particles in the raw waste water.

What is waste segregation?

Waste Segregation is dividing waste into dry and wet groups. Dry includes woods, metals and glass. Wet usually means organic matter.

organic waste composter?

organic waste management

how to manage organic waste?

organic waste management machines