How do you regain a guy's interest in you even if he claims it's too late?

If he has told you it's too late, then it probably is. Some relationships just don't work out and if you have hurt this man in any way there probably has been too much water under the bridge and he wants to move on. Everyone has a different level of patience and it sounds as if he's ready to move on. I know this is difficult for you, but it is also a learning tool. When you meet that special someone down the road you will have learned what to do and what not to do. Good luck Marcy I would have to say to just give it some time.  Be sure to let him know your true feelings and what it is you do appreciate about him and then let it go for a while.  It's best to simply keep the contact at a minimum.  When the two of you do come in contact (via a text message, or crossing paths) keep the conversation on a very pleasant level.  Don't mention the past, but enquire about his well-being and keep it moving.  You can't rush men and their feelings.  Since men don't think as strongly as women, you can simply give the man enough time to process his emotions and understand what he wants out of your connection.  If he concludes that it's still not worth, you have bow out of the situation gracefully.  Everything will work out in the end. Jazzmyn