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If the cat is breastfeeding, you need to make sure that the kittens are feeding often in order to relieve the pressure. If not, you may need to take the cat to the vet to make sure there is nothing wrong with the cat.

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How do you know if a cat is in kittens?

her teats will get swollen, her belly will get bigger

The number of swollen teats of a pregnant dog mean that's how many puppies they will have?


Why a female dog has itchy swollen nipples teats?

How do you know they're itch

How can you tell when a female dog is expecting pups?

She will gain weight and get swollen teats.

Can dogs have tetracycline for swollen teats?

If you were not given this or anyother drug by your veterinarian, call them before adminstering anything.

Why do a spayed dogs teats swell?

The teats should not be swelling at all after being spayed unless they were swollen before the surgery. You need to take your dog in to be checked out by your Veterinarian as soon as possible.

What does it mean when a female dog teats and vagina are both swollen atthe same time?

They Pregnant Nuh BLOODCLAAAT !

Do female cats have teats if they are not pregnant?

Yes, all mammals have teats all the time. Just like humans have breasts (which is what we call human teats) even when they aren't pregnant or nursing. Males have them too, but they remain undeveloped. When a cat (or human) is pregnant or nursing, the tissue that produces milk will be active and swollen making the teats (or breasts) protrude more and they will be temporarily larger.

Why is my female dogs teats swollen?

This sometimes happens after a female dog goes through a heat cycle. It could also mean that the dog is pregnant.

How many teats are there on a pig?

10 teats is rather minimal. 12 teats is common. 14 teats is a good breeder. 16 teats is a superior sow.

How long do female dogs teats remain swollen while in heat?

it takes about 4-5 weeks but im not complietly choer yet but i think this is right :)

Do bulls have teats?

Yes, just like human males have teats and cows and heifers have teats. The only difference between the teats of bulls and cows is that the teats of a bull are non-functional.

Can goats get double teats?

Yes, these teats are sometimes called fishtail teats and it can be difficult for kids to suckle on them.

Do male goats have udders?

Male goats have residual teats but they don't develop into udders unless they have a hormone problem

How many teats does a mare have?

A mare has two teats.

How can you tel if a miniature dachshund is pregnant?

The teats will be swollen and eventually the dog will begin to put on weight. There is no way to tell if a dog is pregnant immeadiately after intercourse so only time will tell.

How many nipples does a pig have?

Average pigs have 10 to 12 teats, some as few as 8 teats. Good breeder pigs have 14 teats. Superior breeder pigs have 16 teats.

What has the author Carrie Louise Teats Lartigue written?

Carrie Louise Teats Lartigue has written: 'Henry Teats and Betsy Shook'

What animals have teats?

All mammals have teats, as they are how the offspring are fed milk.

How many teats on the udder of a giraffe?

four udder teats of girrafe

How many teats does a female mouse have?

Female Rats and Mice have 12 teats.

How many teats does a rabbit have?

A normal rabbit will have 8 teats to nurse their young with.

How many teats does a woman have?

Cows and other animals have teats, women have breasts.

How many teats do a white tiger have?

12 teats of course of you are not sure go look and get killed little brats

What if milk is not coming from all teats?

Depending what animal you are referring to, the other teats should do.

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