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Go to your Control Panel (it is under the Start menu). Go to add/remove programs and scroll down to the program you want to remove.

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Q: How do you remove Dr Watson from your computer?
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What does Holmes call Dr Watson when he introduces him?

"My friend and colleague, Dr. Watson" or, sometimes, just "my friend, Dr. Watson."

When was Dr. Watson created?

Dr. Watson was created in 1887.

What was dr Watsons first name?

If it is the character that you're referring to, his name is Dr. John H. Watson. If the computer program, I believe it was originally called a Sherlock (though I'm hardly even half sure about that, warn you). Dr. Andrew B. Watson is a NASA scientist. Dr. James D. Watson is famous in the field of DNA. Dr. John B. Watson is famous in the field of psychology.

In Sherlock Holmes does Dr Watson have children?

No children of Dr. Watson are ever mentioned.

What was the first name of Sherlock Holmes's loyal assistant Dr Watson?

John H. Watson, M.D., known as Dr. Watson

What is the relationship between Mr Holmes and Dr Watson?

Holmes and Dr. Watson were best friend. Dr. Watson always tries to be as clever as Holmes. Dr. Watson wants to help Holmes in every case even it will be a life risky case. Holmes also takes help of Watson. But in "The final problem" Holmes does not want Dr. Watson to be involved in the case bcz Holmes that he will be killed in case and there will also be life risk of Watson. Inspite of this Watson did not leave Holmes alone Holmes. But he fails in protacting him. This shows Holmes love towards Dr. Watson and Dr. Watson love towards Holmes. They're good friends.

What company developed the Watson computer?

The company that developed the Watson computer is IBM. Watson is a computer system with artificial intelligence, that can answer questions, if asked in a natural language.

What is the name of dr Watson log file used by windows 98?

The name of the dr Watson log file used by windows 97 was Sherlock. Dr. Watson was a debugging program for Windows 98.

Is Emma Watson related to Dr John Hamish Watson?

No, seeing as Dr. John Hamish Watson is a fictional character, and never had any children anyway.

What famous person had a assistant called Dr. Watson?

Sherlock Holmes' assistant was named Dr. Watson. Alexander Graham Bell's assistant was named Mr. Watson.

Did Dr Watson do drugs?


What did Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson do for a living?

Sherlock Holmes was a consulting detective. Dr. Watson was a medical doctor and author.

Dr Watson program used for?

Dr. Watson was a machine debugger for Windows. When an application crashed, Dr. Watson could be forwarded the dead application so it could perform a virtual autopsy and figure out why the program failed.

Who plays Dr Watson in the movie Sherlock Holmes?

In the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film Dr Watson is played by Jude Law

What is the purpose of the Dr Watson utility?

== ==

What is the name of the Dr. Watson program in Windows 98?

Dr. Watson.If you were referring to what the file name for the program was, it was drwtsn32.exe.

Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes relation?

they are best friends and dr Watson can sometimes be the sidekick

When was Robert Watson - computer scientist - born?

Robert Watson - computer scientist - was born on 1977-05-03.

What would Dr Watson say to Sherlock Holmes?

Dr. Watson really didn't have a phrase that he said over and over to Sherlock Holmes. In the book "Sherlock Holmes", Dr. Watson is always comparing Sherlock Holmes to Edgar Alan Poe.

Who was Sherlock Holmes' assistant?

Dr. John H. Watson shared lodgings with Sherlock Holmes and became his friend and colleague and his chronicler.Dr. Watson, who tells most of the accounts of Sherlock Holmes solving his cases.Doctor John H. Watson was a trusted friend and colleague of Sherlock Holmes and most of the stories are written as if told by him.His name is Dr. Watson.Dr. Watson, a military man and Holmes fellow lodger.Doctor Watson

Did Watson win on jeopardy?

yes the IBM Computer Watson Won

Who played Watson in the movies?

Dr. John Watson is played by actor Jude Law

Who plays dr Watson in the new Sherlock Holmes?

Watson is played by Jude Law.

Who did dr. Watson assist?

Sherlock Holmes

Who was dr Watson in Sherlock?

Martin Freeman