Buick Roadmaster

How do you remove Radio from a 1996 Buick Roadmaster?

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2008-07-26 21:13:02

Take out the two (7mm) screws under the dash/above the

speedometer. Open up that little compartment above the ash tray

Open the glovebox See the little piece of lower trim to the right

of the glovebox? That needs to come off as well. Do that by pulling

that whole piece towards you. It is held on with metal clips Now

put the car in 1st gear (e-brake on) and tilt the wheel down Start

pulling the dash cover off...it is held in with those metal

clips...all the way across. Scary, but it will come off. I don't

remember if you need to remove the lower panel under the steering

wheel, but if you do it comes off with a tug towards you. You will

see the screws that hold the radio on, they are the same size as

the ones you took off above the cluster. Once you have the large

piece off and in your hands, WATCH OUT for the nasty oil-foam

around the backside of the AC vents. If you get it on anything or

you....it will make a mess for sure.

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