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If you don't know much about electrical wring, you probbaly should have someone qualified do it, but if you do, here are couple of different ways depending on the setup you have. POWER SHOULD BE OFF TO ALL CIRCUITS WHILE YOU ARE WORKING, ACCEPT WHEN YOU ARE TESTING FOR HOT WIRES. 1. I am assuming that the switch is single pole (has on/off printed on it. You will first have to determine if there is a hot/neutral, and a ground wire in the junction box (usually white/black(or red)/and bare wire). If there is not, this switch box does not have power to it, and is only a bypass for power coming from another powered junction box. You can also tell if this is how it is wired, if all the wires in the box were going to the switch, or if there is a white wire which has been painted black. If any of these conditions apply, you will have to actually have to run a power wire to this particular junction box. This would be worst case scenario. 2. If there is a hot,neutral,and a ground, than the process is fairly easy. All you need to do is determine which one of the (2) black wires which are going to the swith is the hot wire, and which is the switched wire. You can do this by testing each of the two wires on the switch with the switch in the off position put one wire from the tester on the white wires which are tied together, and the other wire on the black wire on the switch. You will only get a read from one of the wires, that is the hot one this wire should go to the hot side (bronze color) of the new plug, and you will have to run a single white wire from the bundle of white wires to the neutral side (silver color)on the new plug. The bare wire should get attached to the green screw on the new plug. This will either be at the top or the bottom of the silver side of the plug. The plug will now work, and can be installed in the box with a new cover plate. The only matter remaining is if you want whatever the old swith controlled to always be hot, or always be dead. (since you have no switch any more, it will have to be one or another). If you want it hot, attached the remaining black wire to the bronze side of the new plug. If you want it dead, just cap it and put some tape around it and close up everything.

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Q: How do you remove a light switch and replace it with a plug?
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Where is the flasher unit in Skoda octavia?

the flasher unit is built into the hazard light switch on dash you have to remove the small cover around switch unit & remove switch remove plug from back & replace whole unit

Why does your lightswitch get hot on your dodge diesel?

The Plug that is hooked to the head light switch is melting, Get a new switch at a parts store, it will come with a new plug, it will be necessary to splice (solder) the plug. If you do not replace the plug and switch it will start a fire in the dash.

How do you test the backup light switch on a 1995 corvette LT-1 6 spd to see if it is bad?

If you remove the plug from the switch and jump the plug with a paperclip and the lights come on, its your switch.

How do you replace the headlights on a 96 Mitsubishi Mirage?

Open the hood. Remove the plug on the back side of the light bulbs. Remove the trim ring holding the bulb in. Slide the bulb out of the back side of the housing. Insert new bulb, dont touch the glass. Replace the trim ring. Connect the wire harness plug. Turn on the light switch and check that they are working.

How do you replace the wiper switch on a 1992 Corvette?

there is a cover behind the switch stalk clip off then you will see the plug from the wiper switch stalk unplug then to remove switch turn switch and pull out stalk switch

How do I replace brake light switch 1986 corvette?

Brake light switch is located on the brake pedal arm. Unbolt & bolt in new one. Wiring will unplug & plug back in to new switch.

How do you replace headlights on a 1989 Chevrolet g20 van?

Remove the head light cover plate, then remove head light braket, once you have done that pull the light out and un-plug it.

How do you replace the stop light switch on a 97 Avalon you already bought the part you need help getting the one that in there out?

The 1997 Toyota Avalon stop light switch simply plugs in and out. Take hold of the stop light switch and pull outward. Plug the new stop light switch in.

Can you remove the power steering pressure switch and replace it with a plug on a 92 eldorado?

you can, but you will blow the seals in the steering ,and then have a bigger problem that you have now

Replace 1964 Thunderbird headlight switch?

Pull out type? There is a silver button on the side of the switch (behind dash) Push button and pull switch all the way out Then remove bezel and remove switch from behind dash Ford suggests replacing plug also

How do you replace brake bulb on Ford Festiva 1999?

Open the rear hatch there are 2 screws on the inside edge of the tail light remove them then remove the light housing. Unscrew the plug at the back and replace the bulb. Good Luck James

How do you find and replace reversing light switch on rover 75 2002?

a fairly simple operation, remove n/s wheel and look towards wher the drive shaft goes into the gearbox [diff] . you will see a plug with 2 wires connected to the reverse switch that is screwed in from the rear, un plug the wires. you will need a deep reach 19 mm socet to clear the other part of the plug that is connected to the switch. un screw anti-clockwise and replace with new.hope this helps. the wiesel.

How do you replace 1976 k5 blazer brake light switch?

It helps if you are a contortionist to do this job. First you need to remove the retaining clip that holds the brake master cylinder actuator rod to the brake peddle lever. Then slide the actuator rod off the brake peddle lever, the brake light switch will come out with it. Disconnect the electrical plug from the switch and remove switch. Reverse order to install. Most of this procedure is done using one hand, good luck.

How do you replace front signal light in a 2005 Volvo s80?

To remove signal (corner) light. the light is able to come off by pulling it towards you facing the vehicle. once popped off the light has a plug attached to it, remove it cautiously.

How do you replace the clutch pedal position switch on a1996 dodge Dakota?

Rotate the switch on the rod for the master cylinder for the clutch. Take out the retaining clip. Remove the clutch pedal position switch from the rod. Disconnect the electrical plug. Plug the new clutch pedal position switch in and installation is the reverse of removal

How do you remove and replace a power steering pressure switch on a 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity?

The power steering pressure switch screws in. Simply unplug the wire harness, unscrew the old switch and screw in the new switch. Plug the wiring harness back in.

What is the plug on the side of the 5sp transmissionin in a 1989 wrangler that says do not remove what is it and where is the fill plug?

On some of the Jeep transmissions, the fill plug is a hex plug on the PASSENGER SIDE of the transmission. It is located just aft and slightly above the reverse light switch. Do not remove the detente plug on the drivers side of the AX-5 transmission!

How do you change the oil on a 560 SEL?

remove the drain plug from the bottom of the engine, remove and replace the filter and replace

How do you replace 2002 Camry spark plugs?

Get pre gapped plugs from dealer (irridum not platinum remove engine cowling remove coil wire remove old plug replace with new plug replace coil wire and cowling

How to reset fuel filter maintenance light on dash for 200 series diesel landcruiser?

remove the black plug from sensor on top of the filter with ignition in the off position,start the engine,replace the plug and the light will be off. I tried this but the light is still on!

How do i Replace the brake light bulb in a 2009 Ford Fiesta?

Open the hatch. Remove the two screws that are securing light. Peel back the carpet from the side of the boot area where it meets the side plastic trim. Remove the plastic wing nut from the rear of the light. Remove the light and unclip the harness plug to allow for complete removal of light from the vehicle. Replace bulbs as required.

How do you remove headlight switch for 1991 Chevy Camaro rs?

You can replace the switch with just a few basic tools.1) Remove the fog light switch from the dash housing. Use a small screwdriver and pry lightly at the edges of the switch housing.2) Access the release knob located on the bottom of the headlight switch by reaching through the fog light switch opening.3) Press the release button and pull the headlight switch knob and shaft toward you. It should release, allowing you to remove it. Now remove the retaining nut that holds the switch in place using a pair of long needle nose pliers.4) Remove the cosmetic housing by pulling carefully toward you. Plastic tabs on the rear of the housing keep it in place and should release with light pressure.5) Pull the headlight switch out to access the plug. Using a small screwdriver, press the release tab on the connector and unplug the switch and remove the switch.

Where is the brake light switch on jaguar xk8 and how do you replace it?

the brake light switch is located on the arm of the brake pedal, above the pad. you will see a plunger-type switch that extends and retracts with the compression of the brake pedal. to replace it, unbolt it from the bracket attached to the brake pedal, disconnect the electrical connector, replace new part (compare the adjustment of the new switch with the old & adjust if necessary), connect electrical plug, mount new switch to bracket & test.

How to change a 96 Camero headlight?

remove the torx head retaining screws and remove the bezel. remove retainer screws but dont touch the adjustment screws and pull out headlight then unplug . replace light, plug it in and secure it. then replace bezel and its retaining screws.

How does power continue to a light if the switch is turned off?

plug it in